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Injuries Prevention: Shin Splints

Shin splints is a catch-all term for shin pain, usually caused by a slight separation between the shin muscle and the bone. You can develop shin splints from doing more exercise than your body is ready to handle or simply from introducing a new aspect to your training, such as wearing a new pair of shoes, running downhill, or running on the beach when you normally run on asphalt.

To cure shin splints, back off for a few days. When you’re free of pain, start back up gradually. Don’t increase your exercise time or distance by more than 10 percent a week . Ice helps by reducing inflammation and by dulling the pain. Also, gently but deeply massaging the area several times a day can help.

To prevent shin splints, strengthen your shin muscles so that they work more in harmony with your calves, the muscles that operate in opposition to them.

shin splints

Here’s one simple exercise: Stand on the floor or with your heels on the edge of a stair, with your weight distributed evenly over the entire length of your foot, and lift and lower your toes and the balls of your feet 20 to 30 times. Ask a trainer to show you some other shin exercises. Stretching the calf muscles  also helps prevent injury to the shin and ankle.

Also, be sure to replace your athletic shoes often so your shins don’t take a pounding from lack of cushioning. We know one guy who solved his chronic shin splint problem overnight by buying a pair of shoes with a slightly wider heel. This seemed to suit his running style; a podiatrist or sports-medicine specialist (or even a well-informed running store associate) can help you find the solution that suits your style. If all else fails, your podiatrist may make a special pair of inserts, called orthotics, to properly position your feet in your shoes.

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Customize Your Nutrition

bodybuilding nutrition
Your nutrition is the most important part of this bodybuilding program. It is more important than training and supplements. The reason this is so is because your nutrition drives the results of the other two. If you dont have a good supply of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats your body cant recover from training or use the materials in needs to build muscle with your supplements.

There are several principles that will help you choose the correct nutrition. If you follow them you will see how easy it is to switch from being a hardgainer to an easygainer instantly. Here are the basic guidelines of the nutrition program for gaining weight fast:

  1. Find out how much body fat and lean muscle mass you have on your body right now
  2. Determine how many calories you need to take in order to grow from week to week
  3. What percentage of calories should come from protein
  4. What are the best sources of protein
  5. What percentage of calories should come from carbohydrates
  6. What are the best sources of carbohydrates
  7. What percentage of calories should come from fats
  8. What are the best sources of fats
  9. How should you divide your meals up
  10. What’s the easiest way to consume a lot of calories
  11. What to do if you dont have a strong appetite

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Caffeine Increases Weightlifting Capacity

Caffeine increases endurance capacity by sparing muscle glycogen (stored carbohydrate). It also increases high intensity, short-term performance by increasing adrenaline levels and activating the central nervous system.


Some scientists think that caffeine improves performance by reducing pain and speculate that aspirin might be an effective supplement for athletes. A Baylor University study, led by Geoffrey Hudson, showed that caffeine was more effective than aspirin in promoting muscle endurance during a high rep bench press test. Aspirin had no effect on weightlifting performance or the perception of effort or pain during exercise. Caffeine is an excellent pre-training supplement for bodybuilders. It helps provide motivation to train and provides a small boost in performance.

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The Essence of Lunges

Lunges are wonderful for toning the whole leg, but they are not recommended if you have knee problems. In each of the versions described, you lunge by stepping with one leg and sinking down, which causes the knee of the stationary leg to bend. Switch sides to work both legs. (Some people prefer to alternate legs, while others prefer to do one set per leg and then change.) All lunges start from a standing position, and when you have done each one, return to a standing position:

♦ For the standing lunge, move your right leg straight back behind your body, flexing the right foot, and sink down. This causes your left knee to bend.

standing lunges

♦ For the diagonal lunge, move your right leg out at a 45-degree angle and sink down. This again causes the left knee to bend.

diagonal lunges

♦ For the lateral lunge, step the right knee out to the side and sink down, once again causing the left knee to bend. The important thing is to keep the left knee over the ankle.

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Muscle Tension Promotes Protein Synthesis

Muscle tension and time under tension are critical for muscle pro­tein synthesis and increases in mus­cle mass and strength. Skeletal mus­cle is a highly-reactive tissue that increases in size in response to over­load, such as strength training, and atrophies in response to inactivity.

muscle tension

Researchers from the University of Maryland, in a review of literature, summarized the effects of muscle tension and training load on muscle protein synthesis. Mechanical loading (weight training) turns on muscle protein synthesis by activating the mTOR-signaling path­way. Muscle tension also increases the movement of amino acids into muscle cells, which form the build­ing blocks for making new muscle tissue. Muscle tension also activates muscle growth factors, such as IGF-1 to stimulate protein synthesis. Sensors in the muscle cell mem­branes detect muscle loading, which trigger chemical pathways that make new muscle protein.

Muscle tension, along with the availability of key amino acids and other nutrients and hormones, are key ingredients for promoting mus­cle growth.

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Get Your Chains

An effective training method to use is the addition of chain links to a bar. The chains hang from the bar, and as the bar is lowered, the chains gradually pile up on the ground effectively unloading the bar of the additional weight. For example, if you use 50lbs of chains per side on the bench press and that half the chains are on the floor in the bottom position and none of it are on the floor at the top you have an overload of 50lbs at the top of the range of motion. This allows you to increase resistance at the strongest portion of a lift, making you work hard through all the range of motion to complete the lift.

Chains are often associated with jumpstretch bands because they are used to increase the load during the concentric portion of the movement, as you reach stronger joint angles.

However the chains and bands differ in one very important way: the bands are actually trying to throw down the bar toward you (bench press) or throw you down (squat). So basically the bands provide an eccentric acceleration component that must be countered via muscle action.

The bands on the other hand are only added weight. The more chains are resting on the floor, the less weight is added to the bar and vice versa. However, contrary to the bands, chains don’t have that eccentric acceleration component. They simply allow you to increase the resistance during the movement.

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Keep Records of Your Workouts

This muscle-building technique should form the underlying basis for your entire workout plan. When it comes to structuring a proper approach in the gym, this is the most important overall factor, bar none.

Everyone is so obsessed with all of the specific principles in the gym (such as exercise selection, rep ranges, which days to spend in the gym, how many sets to perform etc.) that they fail to see the big picture.

Regardless of what type of approach you are taking in the gym, the underlying factor for success is progression.

Our bodies build muscle because of an adaptive response to the environment. When you go to the gym, you break down your muscle fibers by training with weights. Your body senses this as a potential threat to its survival and will react accordingly by rebuilding the damaged fibers larger and stronger in order to protect against any possible future threat.

Therefore, in order to make continual gains in muscle size and strength, you must focus on progressing in the gym from week to week in order to consistently increase the stress level.

Progression can take 2 main forms:

a) Increasing the amount of weight lifted on a specific exercise. b) Increasing the number of reps performed with a given weight on a given exercise.

If you’re able to improve on at least one of the above factors each week in the gym, your body will be given continual incentive to grow larger and stronger.

If you neglect these factors and enter the gym without a concrete plan in mind, you’ll be ignoring the very foundation of the entire muscle growth process, and your gains will surely stagnate.

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Build Your Muscles Quickly

build muscles
Anyone who feels healthy and wants to build muscles can do it easily, if they exercise regularly and eat rich diet that contains excessive quality proteins. Always allow your muscles to relax and commence your exercise with light weights. The things you will need to build muscle quickly are Barbells, Dumbbells and protein supplements.

Have protein rich healthy breakfast every day morning. The food you eat must be rich in proteins. You can also whole-grain breads rich in carbohydrates that give energy to your body. Why we go for protein rich food is that it keeps a stable blood glucose level. It helps in building muscle quickly. Having proteins alone will not be sufficient. Your diet should be a balanced one which covers fruits, vegetables, meat and grains.

Initially start working with free weights like barbells and dumbbells. Lifting weights exerts pressure on the existing muscle tissues which in turn helps you to build muscle quickly. You will definitely find a change if you keep practicing the right kind of exercises. Exercise machines also help you strengthen and enlarge your muscles but if you want to build muscle quickly you have to go for free weights only.

Squats, pushups and pull ups can help you in achieving your target body shape quicker. These exercises will also help you build your muscles but not as effective as free weights. But they will provide very good shape to your muscles. But if you use the same weight and do same number of repetitions in all your workouts, your body cant grow. So to build muscle quickly you must increase the weight or number of repetitions you are lifting at regular intervals.

Do not go for supplements that have not been in the market for more than a year. Dont get impressed by the advertisements without testing the supplements. Make sure you include few items in your diet such as fish oil capsules ad multivitamins.

Drink plenty of water. Getting enough water is important for maintaining energy levels. You should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. Take rest after you complete your exercise. Especially when you are a beginner you will require complete rest without giving too much strain to your muscles. Muscles will grow only when you take rest. Here rest means having a good sleep. If you work with more heavy weights everyday it may lead to injury to the muscles.

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Be Prepared for Eccentric Exercises

eccentric exercises

Muscle soreness is most often associated with eccentric exercise— muscle contractions that occur as the fibers lengthen. Examples include walking or running downhill and low­ering the weight to the chest during a bench press. Muscles can exert more force eccentrically (lengthening contractions) than con­centrically (shortening contractions), so muscle soreness and injury is more common in exercises involving eccen­tric contractions. Muscles increase in strength and size largely by repairing small injuries to the muscle fibers, and adapting by adding muscle pro­tein so that similar loads are less stressful in the future.

Researchers from Wayne State University in Detroit found that creatine kinase (a marker of muscle injury and inflammation) and resting energy expenditure were higher in untrained people than in trained people in the days following an intense weight-training workout. The program, designed to induce muscle soreness, involved 8 sets of 6 repetitions for eight exercises. The training cadence was 1 second for each concentric con­traction and 3 seconds for each eccentric contraction. The study showed the weight-trained people adapted to intense muscle contrac­tions and developed protection against potentially damaging exer­cise. Conversely, muscle damage and the resulting repair process were greater in untrained people.

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Training for Beginners

training for beginners
Beginners should use low intensify and slow repetition training

Experienced bodybuilders know that increasing muscle size and strength requires PTA— pain, torture and agony. As Governor Arnold said in “Stay Hungry,” his first mainstream movie, “You must burn to grow.” Japanese researchers showed that beginners benefited from low-intensity, slow-movement weight training.

Two groups of untrained young men lifted weights for 12 weeks, training either at a normal cadence using higher resistance (80 percent max effort) or a slow cadence (3 seconds up, 3 seconds down) and low intensity (50 percent max effort).

The men in both groups gained equal amounts of strength and muscle mass compared to control subjects who didn’t exercise. This study showed that beginners respond to low-tension, slow movement weight-training programs, but the results do not apply to trained bodybuilders.

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Bench Press: How To Get Stronger Unracking The Bar

bench press fail
Sometimes the small things can become very frustrating. This article is for those who have trouble unracking the weight in the bench press.

The muscles we want to strengthen here are the lats, delts and the long head of the triceps. Specially the lats, which are extremely important for stabilization in the bench press.

But we want to train these muscles in the fashion that you unrack bench presses, and those are pullovers.

This sometimes forgotten exercise can be a valuable tool for training your bench press weakness.

Barbell Pullover to Front Raise

You can do these with a straight barbell or Ez Bar. My advice is to use your regular bench press barbell.

This is the key exercise here as it is the one with the most carry over to racking and unracking the bench press.

Try to maintain the arms as straight as possible without straining the elbows, slightly bent and maintain that position throughout the movement.

Use a shoulder width grip or slightly closer.

Perform each rep with the correct ROM, don’t exaggerate but don’t half rep either.

Form > weight

major decline
Old-timers weren’t afraid of experimenting.

Dumbbell Pullovers

Your regular dumbbell pullovers.

Position dumbbell over chest with elbows slightly bent and keep them fixed throughtout exercise. Don’t turn it into tricep extensions.

Lower the dumbbell over and beyond head until the upper arms are parallel with the floor. Pull up over chest using your lats.

Machine Pullovers

If you have access to one, use it.

The main benefit is that while there is less resistance against the lats when you reach the starting point of the exercise above your face in the free weight version, machine pullovers help to maintain that tension throughtout the movement.

The machine provides constant tension over a greater ROM.

Serratus Barbell or Db Incline Shoulder Raise

serratus anterior muscles

Serratus anterior muscles A.K.A. “boxer’s muscle” originate on the upper eight ribs and get the name because of their mobility pattern.

When a boxer punches and reaches, his scapula is protracting and retracting and the serratus muscles come to work. They help us move our arms multi-dimensionally and fast. When the serratus anterior is flexed, it appears to lengthen the arm by moving the scapula forward toward the chest.

manny pacquiao
Basketball player Manny Pacquiao

The serratus anterior muscles also assist in breathing. They stabilize the shoulder blades and spread the ribs for an inhale. The greater the inhale, the greater the internal pressure. (link to intra abdominal preassure).

Serratus also supports arm balancing. You will notice that gymnasts have well developed serratus muscles.

So if you want to improve your handstands, start strengthening these muscles.

serratus muscles
Weak serratus muscles contribute to neck issues, rotator cuff issues and poor circulation.

The incline bench puts you in a good angle to train them, but you can use a flat bench too. Here is an illustration on how to perform this exercise.

incline bench press

If you have any doubts on how to perform the exercise, click here for more details.

Bench Press Isometric Holds

Take your 1RM weight and try to hold it for 15-30 seconds in this position:

Isometric strength is an often overlooked aspect of training.

Try to even ‘taste’ weights beyond your 1RM.

If you hold and stabilize heavier weights than you can press, you will get more confident with your regular loads because you already balanced more weight than that before.
bench press
Arnold living the aesthetic life before it was cool.

Bench Press, Racking & Unracking After Each Rep

This will groove the movement pattern so it becomes more natural and help you get the lat strength for unracking and stabilizing big benches while building your press and muscles as usual.

Just put the weight in the rack and unrack it after every bench press repetition. Pull the weight out of the rack instead of pressing it out of the rack; think doing a pullover followed by a bench press.

You will be definitely getting out of your comfort zone here.

Skullcrushers with Extra ROM

Target the triceps with extra range of motion.

Healthy elbows and strong triceps equal strong pressing.

Weighted Pull Ups

Healthy shoulders and strong lats equal strong pressing.

Ditch The Spotter

If you always rely on someone to unrack the bar for you, you’re missing valuable strength development.

Ditch The Smith Machine

Do I even need to state the obvious.

If you want to find some practical use for this machine, I suggest watching this video:

The Workouts

While the pecs help initiate the movement, these exercises fit better in a ‘back’ workout.

So if you are a bodybuilder you can do these exercises on your back day, or it would be even better to train chest and back together arnold style.

If you are a powerlifter add them accordingly either on bench press days or rows and lat work days.

‘Back Day’ Friendly Workout:
  • Weighted Pull Ups 3-5 x 5-10
  • Unracking your 1rm for reps isometric holds 3 x 15-30 secs
  • Serratus Barbell or Db Shrugs 2-3 x 8-12
  • Barbell Pullover to Front Raise 3-5 x 10

‘Chest Day’ Friendly Workout:
  • Bench Press Racking & Unracking after each rep 3-5 x 10
  • Dumbbell Pullovers 3 x 10
  • Ez Skullcrushers with extra ROM 3-4 x 10
  • Machine Pullovers 3 x 10

My Shoulders Hurt

If pullovers cause shoulder pain, maybe you shouldn’t be benching at all in the first place.

Not all exercises are for everybody, even if you correct muscle imbalances and fix your shoulders, our bodies are designed in different ways and are better fit for different type of movements.

Establish your strengths and work on them.

Stop pursuing a lift that can put you out of the gym.

tl;dr: pullovers

If you apply these methods, all your press exercises will improve and your handstands and overhead work (snatch, jerk) will also benefit from stronger and more stable shoulders and lats.

In case you were wondering about the article’s image video:

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Twana Barnett-Ferguson

Twana Barnett-Ferguson
Twana Barnett-Ferguson
Age: 37
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 155 lbs

How did you get into bodybuilding? Did you start by just ‘exercising’ or did you want to become a bodybuilder from the beginning?

I’ve always been pretty active and played sports. Although bodybuilding has been a recent adventure for me.

About 4 years ago I started lifting weights to stay in shape.

Two years ago I went to watch a friend compete and decide I wanted to try it out for myself.

I picked the next show on the calendar and eight weeks later I was competing in my first show, where I placed third out of 13-15 other competitors.

“After that I was hooked!”

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Body

What do you like the most about it, being a bodybuilder?

I like being able to sculpt and grow my body into any shape that I find beautiful.

It’s a constant challenge to keep my body proportionate, making sure one body part doesn’t overshadow another. I also love the challenge of out lifting myself, pushing past my personal best.

It makes me feel good knowing I’m giving my all and putting forth my best effort.

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Bodybuilding
What are your biggest achievements in your career and what’s next?

I’ve only been competing for two years so my career is still pretty young. But my biggest achievement so far would be becoming an IFBB PRO at my last show.

I like to dream big, so my next goal is to qualify for the Olympia.

Not only is it the pinnacle of bodybuilding but I would also be sharing the stage with the amazing women I have idolized and followed throughout my own journey.

Twana Barnett-Ferguson IFBB

When it comes to training, what split has worked for you?

I’m actually very high energy (sort of like a hummingbird after drinking an energy drink and 2 pre-workouts) so I find that what worked best for me last week doesn’t always work the next week.

So I change my routine often.

What I do keep constant is my use of dropsets, supersets and rest pauses.

Currently my split looks like:
  • Day 1 – Chest 
  • Day 2 – Legs 
  • Day 3 - Arms 
  • Day 4 - Shoulders 
  • Day 5 – Back & Cardio 
  • Day 6 – Rest 
  • Day 7 – Cardio

You seem to like going heavy, what’s your best lift?

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Lifting

I’m very competitive! I try to keep up with my workout partners (who are all close to or over 200 pound men) so if my partners are curling 65lb dumbbells then I have to. I have to keep up with them which pushes me and seeing me trying so hard pushes them to not be out lifted by a girl! It works out great for all of us.

I love lifting heavy as long as I can do it safely. A great lift isn’t worth two weeks out of the gym with an injury. I’ve pushed over 1000 lbs on leg press, squatted 315lbs, and one arm rowed 120lbs. But the lift I’m proudest of is my bench of 225 pounds because I just started benching.

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Bench Press

“A great lift isn’t worth two weeks out of the gym with an injury.”

You also seem to have figured out how to turn your calves into diamonds, wanna share some tips with our readers?

Train, Train, Train! My calves were a weak spot when I started competing. So I would train them 2–3 times a week, using slow controlled movements. After a lot of patience, hard work and ALOT of praying to the “Gods of Gains” I was finally blessed with calves that I’m pretty happy with.

If you could only do 3 exercises overall, what would they be and why?

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Pull-ups

Pull-ups: great for building width in your back while also using the biceps as a secondary muscle. I love exercises that utilize bodyweight and aren’t dependent on expensive machines or equipment.

Moderate weight deadlifts: It’s a great movement that hits multiple muscles at once. But I never go to heavy for fear that I’ll injure my back.

Walking lunges: walking lunges are not only good for your quads, but they do amazing things for your hamstring and glutes. And everyone can appreciate a great set of glutes!

Tell me about your diet, how do you manage anxiety and cravings?

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Diet
I actually like keeping my diet very strict when I’m contest prepping. I don’t eat artificial sugars and I keep my food pretty plain. For me when I eat this way I have less cravings for “junk”.

Also the amount of chemicals in processed food helps to deter me away from eating them.

But I am human, and if I do really have a bad craving I try to replace it with a healthier option.

I’ll eat healthy fats like almonds or avocados. Instead of sugary snacks I’ll have fruit.

It’s about making the right choices to get to my goals. Or just keeping so busy I don’t have time to worry about food.

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Sexy

Let’s talk about a different kind of aesthetics: tattoos.

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Husband
You and your husband have tattoos, and your job seems to be ink related too. Where does that love for ink came from? Is there a special meaning behind your tats or you just like imagery?

I’ve always been into tattoos, even got my first one when I was 14 years old. For me it’s just imagery.

Being an artist my husband and I hear lots of people’s sad stories and life experiences that we commit to their skin.

I’ve been fortunate to have gotten by pretty unscathed. So I keep my tattoos pretty light I go for beautiful images and things that make me laugh.

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Tattoo
Your husband seems to be very supportive of your career. In which ways has he contributed to your bodybuilding success? You train together, right?

He’s the BEST! Not only do we train together but he’s my diet coach. And he preps me for shows. I’m sure there are a lot of couples that couldn’t handle their spouse allotting their food consumption and amount of exercise they have to do a day, but it’s great for us. We have the best relationship. We work together, we live together, we work out and train together. I don’t know anyone who likes to spend as much time with their spouse as me and my husband. We’re constantly pushing and motivating each other to be better.

Plus it’s pretty impossible to cheat on your diet if every time you go into the kitchen your coach is standing right there. Haha!

Because you weren’t badass enough already, according to your bio, you’re also a black belt in Krav Maga?

Yes, I was training in MMA (mixed martial arts) for a couple of years and decided I wanted to try something a little more practical for every day safety. I saw Krav Maga on TV and thought it was the perfect fit for me.

So after five years of training and an epic eight hour test, I earned my black belt. Which is still one of my proudest achievements.

I even went on to further my training to become a certified instructor.

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Training
What music do you like to listen during training?

Im a huge fan of Classical, Oi, Dancehall, Soul, Hard Rock, Metal, Hard-Core and Hip-Hop.

Right now my gym playlist has Lamb of God, Ramallah, Sheer Terror, Hatebreed, and Blood for Blood. Very fast, angry and heavy. It helps me push past my limitations.

One final question about bodybuilding: What’s the best piece of advice you can give for a successful contest preparation phase?

Listen to your body. Rest when you’re too tired, eat when you’re too hungry.

Have a good friend to help get you through the rough patches. And have fun.

Contests shouldn’t be miserable, it’s a great time to watch your body make positive changes.

If you’re not having fun and enjoying yourself you need to reassess your prep and remember all the positive reasons why you started.

Twana Barnett-Ferguson Muscles

What are your long term goals & plans?

I love working with children (probably because we have the same energy and enthusiasm levels). I would love to work educating families and children on proper nutrition and exercise.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Who knows where I’ll be in 10 years I’m always changing, always growing, always reassessing.

Hopefully I’m in a place where I can educate others with some of the knowledge I’ve gained.

I don’t know where I’ll be in 10 years but I’ll consider it a success as long as I’m still learning and striving to be better than I was yesterday.

Any final words for your fans?

Go out and live life with no fear and no regrets. If you love it and it doesn’t harm you or anyone else jump in with both feet and don’t look back.

Set a goal and don’t stop until you’ve smashed it.

Refuse to fail.
Twana Barnett-Ferguson Brand
Follow her:


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V: The Ultimate Guide To Get The Adonis Belt Aka V-cuts / Sex Lines

The adonis belt is the term given to the v-shaped lines between your hips and lower abs that run from the hip bone down to the pubis.

Other names for this muscle are v abs, v cuts, v lines, sex lines, sex v…the list goes on.

adonis belt

There is nothing extraordinary about this ‘V’ except that girls seem to love it. It’s like a trail / path for them.

Despite your genes, there are specific exercises you can implement into your routine that will improve your adonis belt.

Honestly, it is possibly as genetic as any other body part.

Some people are just more genetically gifted with this feature than others.

Just like some have lower bicep insertions that make their arms appear fuller, while others have higher insertions that make their biceps peak higher.

Just like you can target the sides of the biceps to make them fuller or train for a better peak, your adonis belt can also be improved.

Today I will give you specific exercises you can use to hack your genetics and get that V that women go crazy for.

This will not end your social anxiety issues and instantly make you win at life, but it will give you a reason to start wearing your pants lower than usual.
narcissus aesthetics
"Adonis, in Greek mythology, is the god of beauty and desire. His name is often applied in modern times to handsome youths, of whom he is the archetype. Also, the Golden Ratio of a tape measure of shoulder-to-waist ratio is called the Adonis Index. Adonis Complex refers to a body image obsession with improving one’s physique and youthful appearance."

*For obvious reasons you need a low body fat percentage for this to work, there is no way around this.

Adonis Belt’s Composition

The Adonis Belt’s is created by the Inguinal Ligament and the Transversus Abdominis (TVA). The transversus abdominis is a layer of muscle of the abdominal wall which is deep to the internal obliques. It’s responsible for creating intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) to keep the core stabilized and protect the spine.

You can consciously activate your TVA, but in extreme real life scenarios where core stabilization is vital such as a woman giving birth or…deadlifting, your TVA will automatically engage. This muscle is also activated when you cough and sneeze.

Naturally, the internal obliques are also essential to the adonis belt. These muscles are activated by rotating and side bending.

Trunk-twisting movements utilize both the obliques and transversus abdominis.

Putting it together, the inguinal ligament is what creates the line while the transversus abdominis and internal obliques are the muscles that make it stand out. You’ll not have a good adonis belt if your TVA and oblique muscles are underdeveloped. Therefore, the more mass your transversus abdominis and internal obliques have the more visible the adonis belt will become.

The transversus abdominis is also responsible for pulling the abdominal wall back. What means that even if you’re not tensing your abs or your belly is relaxed, a strong TVA will prevent it from protruding keeping your waist tight all the time.

While strenghtening your TVA may not directly improve your abs, it will definitely make your waist more aesthetic.

Beware that it’s difficult to develop hypertrophy in these muscles so you’ll have to put in some extra dedication, patience and consistency to see results.

How To Develop An Aesthetic Adonis Belt The Thick Solid Tight Way:

First, any heavy movement that requires serious core stabilization will help. That is squats, deadlifts, snatches, clean & jerks and any other major loading movements that require intra-abdominal pressure.

Now onto more specific exercises:
1) Planks
Plank workout
  • Time yourself
  • Keep your body aligned
  • Keep progressing by adding resistance / time to the holds and beating your last effort
  • Advance to other progressions like side planks
2) Swiss Ball Pikes
  • Add resistance
  • 10-20 reps
  • Keep the thoracic area from rounding
3) Decline Sit Ups With A Twist (elbow to opposite knee)
Decline Sit Ups
  • This exercise can be quite stressful on the lower back so don’t add too much weight
  • Don’t add any resistance at all
  • Or you can use alternative exercises with anti-rotational efforts if you don’t want to take the chance, but that’s for another post
4) Cable Woodchoppers
  • Twist with the hips, not the lumbar spine
  • High pulley works better for me
  • Make sure to twist and bend (correctly)
5) Stomach Vacuums
Stomach Vacuums
  • Think trying to pull your belly button through your lower spine
  • Suck in your stomach as far and as hard as you can
  • Squeeze & Contract real hard
  • Experiment which position works best for you, I do them standing straight
  • If you can hold it for too long, you’re doing something wrong
  • This exercise could be the most effective of the list, don’t underestimate it
  • Perform this at least once everyday
6) Swiss Ball Crunches
Swiss Ball Crunches
  • Add resistance
  • Use the TVA to balance yourself
7) Side to Side Knee Ups
Side to Side Knee Ups
  • Add resistance
  • Use ab straps if you want
8) Loaded Carries: Farmer’s Walks, Stone Loading, Sandbag Carries
  • Loaded carries work your transversus abdominis by forcing you to create intra-abdominal pressure
  • Do them heavy and for distance
9) Leg Lifts (Lying leg raises, Hanging leg raises)
  • This is ideal because the wall prevents him from swinging and gaining momentum and the straps support his grip so it doesn’t break before his abs do. This way you can focus 100% on the abs.
  • Add Resistance & Avoid Swinging
10) Russian Twists – Landmines
  • This one is a safer alternative to the decline sit ups with twist because the hips can move more freely
  • Feel the burn, go all Muhammad Ali on this one; “only start counting when it starts hurting”
  • When you’ve built some conditioning progress to the landmines:
11) Single Arm, Kneeling, Cable, Twisting, Rope Pulldown Crunches to opposite side
  • It’s like a standard cable crunch with the rope attachment except you hold it single-armed and twist to the opposite site
  • For lack of a better name
  • Focus on bending and twisting
  • Keep your arm fixed at all times
12) V Holds – L Sits – V Sits
  • Isometric nature
  • Keep progressing
  • The last 2 aren’t easy on the wrist and elbows

Other Helpful Exercises:

1) Dumbbell / Barbell / Kettlebell Bent Press
  • Careful
2) Turkish Get Ups
  • Try using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells
3) Reverse Crunches
  • I like to do these hanging on an incline / decline – bench / board
  • Knees Bent (crunches not leg raises)
  • This is also one of those you start counting when it starts hurting
  • Add resistance, you can use cable attachments on the ankles or a dumbbell
5) Side Crunches
  • Well these aren’t side crunches but those are some aesthetic tights she’s wearing
  • On side crunches you are lying on your sides
  • Start side crunching, make sure to raise the legs off the floor too
  • Semi-bent knees work best
  • High reps, go for the burn
6) Push Up Position Alternating Knees to Chest or opposite side
  • Focus on contraction and squeezing your TVA
  • Add resistance by putting plates on your back, a weighted vest or get your woman to mount you
7) Scissor Kicks
  • Oldschool drill
  • Put your hands under your lower back
  • Superset with flutter kicks
8) Side Bends
  • Dumbbell / Barbell / Cable Side Bends
  • Focus on contraction
  • In the video Lu Xiaojun makes fun of your mobility
  • *These can add size to your waist if you do them heavy and frequently enough
Seems like this turned into a complete core training repertoire
Final Points:
  • Don’t lose focus, you may find some of these exercises boring
  • Always add resistance when possible, increase reps or progress to a more complex variation
  • Always contract your abdominal wall during these exercises and during any heavy movement
  • Train your abs 3 times a week with high volume and “heavy” weight, this is the perfect spot between too little and too much
  • These exercises will improve your six pack too
  • To maximize results do stomach vacuums everyday first thing in the morning
  • If you’re a woman feel free to start doing these, but I’d focus on those that strengthen the TVA to keep your waist tight and develop a strong core. I’d say you avoid the ones that focus on adding size since I don’t see the Adonis Belt adding much to a woman’s physique.
  • Bad nutrition = no results
  • No rest = no results

The Adonis Belt is part of the Thick Solid Tight look

There you have the best exercises to get the Adonis Belt / V Cuts.

You can get there with some work and dedication.

Nothing says dedication like consistent, detailed, tedious and monotonous ab training. It requires true will power to commit yourself to that.

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Achieve Your Bodybuilding Results

bodybuilding results

Every person who takes the pain working out definitely expects some good outcome. Bodybuilding results will depend on ones objectives of going the gym. People exercise for different purposes. Some exercise to simply keep fit, others exercise for purposes of preparing for competitions, to gain a good and shapely figure and others exercise to burn fats. No one can undertake such an involving and painstaking exercise without anticipating any good tidings from it. This is actually the very first stage in bodybuilding. One must have a driving force behind bodybuilding. If this lacks, chances of one's endeavors to body built will collapse.

To achieve your desired bodybuilding results, some energy must be spent. There are reasons why people fail to achieve these ends. Failing itself is a process and not a sudden event. It is occasioned by either poor planning or the total lack of it. One reason that makes people fail is having unrealistic expectations. It should be borne in mind that there are no shortcuts in attaining good physique and health. For you to get and enjoy the fruits of bodybuilding, you must be willing to spent time in the gym. Nothing will come easy. Physical fitness is an on-going process. You cannot expect to get to shape, built muscle mass and/or burn fat after a week in the gym. Patience and persistence must be inculcated or else you may be tempted to start searching on some steroids sales online to use them. This is not a solution.

The second reason why people fail to get bodybuilding results is because they don't set goals for their bodybuilding routine. Picking a realistic goal will motivate you to work out in the gym. You need to assimilate your goal such that it becomes part of you. This calls for commitment and not just mere resolutions. It should help you change your lifestyle towards the achievement of this end. By assimilating your set goal, it becomes too painful not to pursue it. Your goal should be simple. Don't set unattainable goals. For example, you cannot expect to change your figure in just a week.

To achieve your goals, make sure you have a support system. You will not achieve your desired bodybuilding results if you don't bring facilities close to you. Make sure that you have some friends who workout. This will give you motivation to workout. You can be hitting the gym together and can even compete. For example, you can compete on who can lift the weights for a longer time. Understand that you are a social being. The achievement of your desired objectives is either fostered or hindered by the friends you hang out with.

People also fail to achieve their bodybuilding results because of misconceptions. You may fail one time but that does not make you a failure. The rate of resilience that which you pick yourself up with is what will make you achieve your desired fitness objectives. For example, you may stop working out for a week feeling that the exercise you have already done has not yielded much. This is a misconception because training is a process and definitely results will show. The earlier you realize that going back to the gym will help instead of sitting pretty will determine the results you get.

Bodybuilding Workouts to Gain Muscle Mass

bodybuilding workouts
People engage themselves in weightlifting training for reasons like, losing weight and body toning. However, there are those who embark on workouts otherwise known as body exercising to build their muscles. Others do not know the best workouts for building their body muscles so as a result, they drop pounds but those pounds come from losing muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. The good news is there are ways to maintain your current muscle mass while still losing weight.

You must perform the proper bodybuilding muscles in order to burn fat and not muscle. To focus on cardiovascular workouts, is what most fitness instructors and health advocates advise. It will help your heart and lungs get stronger so you can do more exercise without getting worn out and it's a good way to start. However, you need to add some weight training to that recipe at least 2 to 3 times a week. That way you'll be replenishing lost muscle and adding new muscle mass. This is good because muscle requires more calories than fat. If you have a lot of lean muscle mass in your body, your metabolism is going to increase which means you'll burn off more calories and lose weight. When you stop taking in calories your body would automatically start using up these stockpiles.

First, your body is going to convert your muscle mass into energy and that's going to slow your metabolism so you don't need as many calories in the first place which makes it harder for you to lose weight. A better plan is to gradually reduce your calorie intake and let your body adjust to the changes. For example, you might reduce your calories by 10% the first week, another 10% the second week, and so on. This prevents your body from going into starvation mode.

When you begin with your bodybuilding workouts, it would be prudent to begin with bigger lifting. Starting out this way will help the human body to produce what is known as the Human Growth Hormone. Not only is this good for the rest of your body, but it will also help your muscles to grow. It would be wise to stay away from the machines and just go for the free weights as they call for a greater amount of control than a machine would. As long as you do compound bodybuilding workouts, your arms will get the workout that they need.

As you are performing a sort of pulling action, which is to say rows or even pull ups, you're performing some great biceps workouts in the process. If you do arm bodybuilding workouts alone at first, then your compound workouts will not turn out very well. Make sure you do the standard arm workouts at the end. If you are finished with the big compound body building work outs, then it's time to move on to the bodybuilding biceps exercises to get big biceps. Hit your arms from as many angles as you can, but don't overdo it. You can do a standing curl to hit the middle portion of the biceps; a decline curl your biceps to get it in the stretched position; and a concentration or spider curl to really hit the peak contraction point.

The Pillars of Bodybuilding Fitness

bodybuilding pillars
Body building fitness encompasses different aspects. Some of these include diet and training workouts. It is a lifestyle based on physical exercise and healthy eating. At its inception, there was quite scanty knowledge on the subject. The link between diet and exercise had not yet been established and therefore acquiring massive muscles was a big challenge to the bodybuilders then. For bodybuilding to contribute to fitness, it has to be done within some framework. There are rules for exercise. Just like any other physical exercise, excessive bodybuilding could be dangerous. For it to bring wholesome fitness, it has to be done in a routine kind of program which could be in a gym or be a done at home bodybuilding.

Body building fitness is anchored on certain pillars. It is a combination of weight training or weight lifting, increased caloric intake and lots of rest. The vision behind these strenuous exercise is to increase body muscle mass. It is an incredible way of keeping fit. To begin with, the bodybuilder will need to come up with a good routine for exercise. This will enable him or her balance all the aspects of body building and in event boost his or her fitness. The routine could be copied from someone who has successfully followed it.

As mentioned earlier, body building fitness incorporates weight lifting resistance. To attain your desired level of muscle development, you must focus on three crucial things in terms of weight lifting. The first is weightlifting resistance. Muscle fibers are induced to grow by weightlifting. This is known as micro trauma. This is the reason why one feels tired after exercise or strenuous physical work. The repair of these lesions, micro trauma causes the muscle to growth. Training routines are typically part of organized training sets and repetitions. One should embrace micro, meso and macro cycles for balanced body fitness. Weight training should be followed by adequate rest. This gives the muscle all they require for growth.

The second pillar for body building fitness is a good and balanced diet. The diet should be high quality and should incorporate a high content of proteins. There is a lot of injury occasioned by exercising. Proteins are instrumental in repairing the muscles. Growth of muscle tissue is also depended on proteins. Therefore, your diet should be characterized by large portions of proteins and/or protein rich foods. The amounts of proteins needed by a bodybuilder are higher than those of a sedentary person. Carbohydrates are also important for increased energy. Bodybuilding exercises require large amounts of energy. A diet rich in carbohydrates will give you the energy you need for exercise. Nutrition levels are categorized in to ecto, meso and endomorph. You could get much information by joining a weightlifting forum.

Lastly, rest is an important pillar for body building fitness. It facilitates growth of the muscle tissues. Contrary to he believe by many, muscle growth does not take place in the course of exercise. Rather development of the muscles occurs when resting after workouts. A minimum eight hours resting session should be taken in between sessions. This will prepare the bodybuilder for the next session. Without enough rest and sleep muscle development and repair will stagnate.

Bodybuilding Gallery and Accessories

bodybuilding accessories
Whether one is a starter or a seasoned weight lifter and/or body builder, the bodybuilding gallery is a must visit. There is a lot of benefit that one can derive from visiting these sites and/or areas. These may be available at different places. Most public libraries have a section for fitness. Here most resources are dedicated towards bodybuilding. Sportswear stores will often have different accessories for your bodybuilding needs. Here you may find posters, videos, pictures and wearing apparel all for bodybuilding. The internet is also a must visit for enthusiasts of bodybuilding. Lots of bodybuilding stuff can be accessed online. The gym next door should have a collection of items that revolve around this sport.

Some of the cheapest yet valuable items that a bodybuilding center or gym should have include weightlifting images, pictures, and posters inter alia. These make instruction of trainees easy for the fitness instructor. These show the correct form or position that should be assumed by the trainees in order to successfully exercise the various body parts. They should be hang all over the training area. Some pictures and posters show the ultimate price of weightlifting. This is the figure one will assume after consistent workouts. Hanging these in the gym is an inspiration to all those who are exercising.

It is not a difficult exercise to acquire these weightlifting instruction aids. For example, weightlifting pics are all over the internet. All one should do is to google and download. You must not be a gym proprietor or fitness a instructor for you to do this. Most sites with these pictures and videos are absolutely free. You do not need to pay a penny for you to get access. If you have a private gym, may be in your house or office, these are excellent training manuals for you. There is no need of hiring a fitness instructor because these just work perfect.

Unlike most other bodybuilding galleries, the web based ones have some added advantage. For most libraries, you are expected to either be a member or pay on each day that you intend to use the facilities. The internet avails all these and more freely. You can take advantage of this if you are shopping for weightlifting equipment and accessories. From the comfort of your home or office, you can compare prices, equipment and even order for what you need. Be careful however when you are shopping online. There in an upsurge of con artistry.

Although weightlifting images can be accessed and downloaded from the internet, it is imperative that these be compared to other literature on the subject. It is not in dispute that the web has the most current pictures and other material regarding bodybuilding. These however may not be standard. The fact that anyone can upload these pictures on the internet from a remote area makes it lose its credibility as a source of instruction. Comparing these with information from books available at a physical library will help you eliminate any object that could mislead or not help you in weightlifting and bodybuilding generally.

The Ideal Body Building Diet

Bodybuilding is the process of getting muscle growth and it depends on several factors. Some of the common factors that it depends on are the genetic factors, the exercises and muscle workouts and finally the diet you eat. There is diet for the people who want to lose weight and those who want to gain it. The two are different and you should not confuse them. There are many body building diet tips that could help get muscle growth within no time. Ensure you get it right as diet will have many consequences on the extent to which your muscles will grow.
bodybuilding diet

To begin with, an ideal body building diet should not have lots of food that may not be helpful but quality foods. It is not a question of quantity but quality. Drinking alcohol and eating junk food will not help in muscle growth as they only add empty calories that will not be beneficial during the body workouts. Eggs are great and have high protein content but it is advisable you eat the egg whites and not the egg yolks as the later has a high cholesterol levels. Milk is highly recommended in most cases; however, taking slim milk will be advisable as opposed to taking whole milk and this is the good supplements for bodybuilding. This is so as the former has lesser fats. Generally, it is better if you go for less fat in a diet.

Ideal body building diet must have sufficient proteins. Proteins are essential for muscle building as they form part of the food for muscles. In addition to that, proteins have several other functions in the body that will be very helpful. They help in oxygen transportation, tissue repair, maintaining hormone and water secretions. You should ensure you get between 1.0 to 1.4 grams of protein per a kilogram of your lean weight. This will also be depended on the intensity of your exercises. If they are high, you may be required to increase the amount of proteins consumed.

In addition to that, to get a great body building diet, especially if you are in among the people are in busy schedules and may not have the time to get the sufficient amount of foods required especially the proteins. Consider going for safest body building supplements which are the natural food supplements. Taking protein drinks for instance, will help boost the protein you consume daily. Take supplements with branched chain amino acids, as they will ensure that your body has acids that will help in protein building and muscles as well.

The other thing is to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are all high in vitamins and fibers that will help your body to excrete easily and avoid constipations. Your body needs to get rid of the toxins it accumulates during the various body workouts. To do this, drink a lot of water. Generally, it is recommended that you at least 8 glasses of water daily although the amount could be increased depending on the intensity of your workouts. Finally, have a good body building diet plan. This is important, as it will ensure you eat smaller food quantities within short durations that should be about three hour intervals.

The Centre of a Bodybuilding Program: Exercise

One of the major reasons why bodybuilders take the gym is to develop their muscle alongside a shapely physique. Bodybuilding exercise is crucial for the development of biceps, triceps, shoulders and even the chest. Bodybuilding exercise is pivotal for the development of the entire body. To gain the best of these exercises, you need to assume the right posture when exercising. Techniques should be embraced if exercise is to yield the maximum results that one may desire. Each part of the body has a unique way for its exercise.

Bodybuilding Exercise

Without prejudice to the foregoing, some bodybuilders exercise with an intention to compete. Of all countries with rich history of weightlifting USA leads in terms how advanced and well managed the sport is. The presence of well set organizers of weightlifting events lays the platform for the sport to flourish. Some of the various organized competitions include IFBB, Muscle Mania, NGA and NPC.

There is order in the way the events are organized and run. Right from the formation of the team, rules are upheld. Contravening the guidelines could cause one to be disqualified from these events.
There are basically three stages in a bodybuilding competition. The first is called the competitors meeting. This is meant for passing instructions to the competitors. The second stage of these competitions is the morning show. It is also known as prejudging stage.

Judges assess the contestants by passing through them through various performances and possess. The third stage called the night show. This is held in an open stadium. Spectators at this stage are allowed at the venue of the event. This is normally held in a stadium where spectators have a good view of the contestants. Although not all organizers embrace these stages weightlifting USA competition organizers are keen to follow these to the latter.

Exercise should be well structured in a bodybuilding routine. This will see you avoid over exercising some parts over others. Unbalanced exercise is just as dangerous as not exercising at all. Unknown to many, muscle growth does not happen when one is in the gym. Far from it, muscles grow when one is resting. Resting and enough of it for that matter should be taken following every session of exercise. It is estimated that one hour exercise in a day is adequate. Overworking your muscles will inhibit development.

In case you need more energy, you can always use steroids to boost your bodybuilding exercise efforts. Although steroids have been cited as major contributors to cardiovascular conditions, they are of much help to bodybuilders. The energy levels needed for one to successfully do these exercises are enormous. These may not be possible if dependence is only on the natural steroids. Apart from giving you energy to hit the gym, steroids could also boost your efforts of cutting up. Be keen to get that steroid that will foster your endeavors. The most obvious attribute is that they help one bulk up. Your muscles can bulk within weeks of steroids use.

Buying and Redeeming Your Bodybuilding Coupons

There various bodybuilding events that calls for the sale of coupons. Bodybuilding coupons are available for events such as bodybuilding competitions. These can also be availed to persons who wish to buy bodybuilding equipment and even supplements. These are given in exchange of money. It is simply a piece of paper that allows you to get in a competition if sold for that purpose. They serve the same purpose as tickets. When a bodybuilding competition has been announced for example, the organizing body circulates these coupons so that interested persons can buy and guarantee themselves access to the venue of the game.

bodybuilding competitions

Normally, bodybuilding coupons are sold availed at a cheaper price prior to the date of the competition. On the material day, the price of these coupons can double or even triple depending on the popularity of the game. Organizers of these events take advantage of the indecisive character of spectators to wait for the last day in order to buy coupons for them to make a kill. They are also meant to advertise the various products available to the bodybuilding fraternity. Holders of these coupons can redeem them for certain products. For example, the winner of a bodybuilding competition can be given a coupon as an award. This could entitle him or her to a certain prize.

For you to redeem your bodybuilding coupon, you must actually hand them to the person or place where you are redeeming the coupons. For example, if you answer a certain question on a bodybuilding forum and the reward for the person winning that coupon is a certain steroid; you must hand in the coupon given to you so as to receive the steroid. This is done to avoid cheating because some people are disposed to redeeming these more than once. When you are going to redeem your coupon ensure that you carry it with you as evidence that you are the rightful holder.

As intimated earlier, bodybuilding coupons may be used as a way of advertising. For you to get customers, you have to offer your coupons discounted rate. Ensure you check the web for what other service providers have and for how much. You may offer your coupons at a high price and fail to get customers. It is important to choose where to offer the coupons. Now that this is advertising, look for the most visited websites and advertise your discounted coupons there.

If you have an organization offering any bodybuilding services or products, you can post your coupons on your web page. This will reduce your advertising costs. Displaying your bodybuilding coupons should be done in a very attractive and intelligible manner. Ensure that it is easy to catch any person's eye. Of course your language matters a lot. Use enticing words even if these do not represent the whole truth about your product. Be careful however not to misrepresent on fundamental facts that could attract legal sanctions against you. Whatever you bodybuilding product, service or event is, take advantage of the internet and offer your coupons there.
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