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The Oldest Bodybuilder In The World

Despite the fact that the "homeland" of bodybuilding in its modern form is believed to be the United States, the term "bodybuilding" was popular during its history in many regions of the world. This phenomenon became famous in many countries after the World War II. A man that recently celebrated one hundredth anniversary is of one of the first bodybuilders in the world - Manohar Aich from India.
Manohar Aich
One hundred years old bodybuilder says that the secret to a long and happy life lies not only long time development your body, but also in a life with no stress. Manohar says that he learned to analyze several life situations not as emotional as most people do. This man has a troubled and difficult life, in his young years he went to jail for a political article he wrote in the times when India was a colony of Great Britain. In this period he became interested in bodybuilding.

Manohar Aich is considered a local celebrity: when he was twenty years old, those who knew him, gave him the nickname "Little Hercules" (his height was only 150 cm!)In 1952 Manohar won the well-known bodybuilding competition Mr. Universe.

Manohar Aich
In addition to his permanent training and attitude towards life, and important role in his life played the diet he followed: Aich always consumed products like fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy products and lentils. He never smoked or consumed alcoholic drinks.

Manohar, who now has a lot of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, has recognized that he has only a dream that he couldn’t fulfill – to meet Arnold! However, it is never too late to do so and perhaps one day the two bodybuilders will meet, chat and exchange their experiences.
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