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Carbohydrates And Bodybuilding

Carbohydrates (also often called carbs) represent an important source of energy and their restriction or lack can significantly reduce your results in bodybuilding.

Carbohydrates are simple and complex, they are a source of energy in bodybuilding and they are efficient if mostly used after a workout, when you need to quickly replenish glycogen stores. Each gram of glycogen holds with it four grams of water, on the accumulation of fat at the expense of carbohydrates.

The main carbohydrate intake should take place in the first half of the day, when your body needs to renew. In the second half of the day takes place the processing of carbohydrates into glycogen, switched to the side of storing fat reserves.

While forming the muscle mass carbohydrates are very important. This is why you should have no shortage of carbohydrates. On the day you should get 4 to 6 grams of carbohydrates, which should be mostly complex. The sources of complex carbohydrates should be mainly cereals or other similar products. It is also required to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Bodybuilders may have noticed that if you reduce the amount of carbohydrates, fat go away more quickly than when you exclude the fats from the food. If you have a goal to throw off those extra pounds, then this is worth doing at the expense of carbohydrates.

But this process should be accomplished gradually, in order not be crumbled muscle mass. Foods high in carbohydrate include fruits, sweets, soft drinks, breads, pastas, beans, potatoes, bran, rice, and cereals. Carbohydrates are a common source of energy in living organisms.
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