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Clenbuterol – still the best supplement for shredding the extra fat!

Nowadays obesity has become one of the most stubborn diseases and a lot of people are fighting with it to reduce the excessive body fat. Due to unhealthy food habits or over eating, most of the people are struggling with obesity. No wonder, it is hard for people to get some time to take care of their physique in their busy working schedule. After a certain period, obesity leads us towards many health issues like high blood pressure, sugar, and even depression. And the excessive body fat makes them look dull and maintaining the smooth flow of life is really tough with the obesity. But clenbuterol is really a bliss for the people who are struggling with obesity. It is an effective fat cutter and people notice changes fast by taking it with proper dosages. And there are many online shops to offer clenbuterol for sale.

Why is clenbuterol so much popular as a fat cutter?

Clenbuterol is effective to reduce excessive subcutaneous fat and the amazing part is that it helps to gain healthy muscle. Actually it satisfy the both desires that it will cut the excessive body fat and on the other hand, it will help to gain and maintain healthy muscles. Most of the celebs and bodybuilders prefer to take clenbuterol because it helps them to be in the proper shape. And the Gym trainers also suggest this besides the workouts.

Clenbuterol promotes the thermogenic effects to keep the body temperature up and it increases lipolysis and this lipolysis use excessive body fat as the fuel to produce energy. It helps the red blood cells to get more oxygen which helps to increase metabolism. By taking 40mcg clenbuterol (for women) and 60mcg (for men), one can get desire result.

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Martial Arts: An Activity for the Entire Family

When I mention to strangers that I once studied karate, they usually give me a quizzical look. "Really?" they say. Or "You're kidding!" A co-worker chuckled, "Why would you want to do a thing like that?"

It was a good question. Why did I do it? What made a mild-mannered office clerk don baggy white pajamas and learn karate? A mad desire to punch someone's
lights out? Not really.

The primary motivation came from my kids. I mean, when a single mother is raising three boys, all of whom want to be black belts, she better do something.

My contact with karate began when Michael, my firstborn, was in the third grade. A shy, skinny eight-year-old, Mike was elected scapegoat by a couple of bullies at his school. Naturally, I wanted this nonsense to stop. But what could I do? I reported the the mistreatment to his teacher, and she was sympathetic. But she had twenty-seven other kids in her charge, and she couldn't be everywhere at once. The moment her back was turned, the bullies would strike. I called the other boys' parents. They assured me they would talk to their sons, and I assume that they did. But they couldn't be everywhere either. The abuse got worse. I was desperate for a solution, so when an acquaintance suggested giving Mike karate lessons, I thought, why not?

Martial Arts

I broached the subject with Mike, and his eyes lit up. He said he thought it would be really cool. But then he shrugged the notion off. I realized his confidence was at an all-time low and he didn’t think he could accomplish anything. Exercising a little parental authority, I said, "Try it for a year. After that, you can quit if you like."

We lived in a small town, and there was only one martial arts establishment in our Yellow Pages. When I called, the proprietor, speaking in a pleasant baritone, explained how Mike could enroll. The sound of that voice,
however, did nothing to prepare me for the man. When I delivered my son to his first class and met the fellow who would become his instructor, I found myself blinking up at a six-foot-five, 210-pound, fifth-degree black belt.

Always conspicuous by his absence - when he left the room, it was like someone moved a mountain - the sensei (teacher) was benign, enthusiastic and relentlessly cheerful. During that first session, Michael stumbled along for an hour, scarcely able to put one foot in front of the other. But the sensei was undaunted. "He'll do fine," the man assured me heartily. "Just give him time." Bursting with joy, I drove home that day confident that my son soon would become a fighting, killing machine.

I had much to learn about karate.

Mike was not taught to fight - at least not in the manner that I anticipated. On the contrary, he was urged to avoid fights. He learned that the true purpose of karate is to build character, and that it is noble - never cowardly - to sue for peace. Of course, karate people do learn a fighting technique, but they use it only when they can neither negotiate nor escape.

At first, the philosophy I heard in those early classes made no sense. To work so hard acquiring a skill on the understanding that it should never be used seemed paradoxical. But if I ever feared I was throwing my money away, my concern faded when I noticed some profound changes in Mike. Now he realized that he could, if necessary, demolish any of the boys who bullied him. This knowledge altered forever his role in their game. Calmly, firmly, he faced his tormentors, turning their taunts and jeers aside. Without bravado, he showed them he was not afraid.

No longer able to get a rise out of Mike and stymied by the change, the bullies let their abuse taper off. After a school talent show in which Mike gave a karate demonstration, the bullying disappeared. In fact, the little toughs were so impressed that they tried to make friends with Mike. Without striking a blow, he had won their respect. Even more important, he discovered that he could stand up for himself without hurting anybody. This discovery gave him a new sense of his own worth, an inner dignity that couldn't be denied.

Thai Massage Helps with Chronic Conditions

Today’s typical American is constantly on the go. All too often, rejuvenation is synonymous with powering up with venti lattes. And relaxation is relegated to those few precious hours between midnight and dawn. But we’re becoming more health conscious, which is why a growing number of Americans, with overall well-being on their minds, are now flocking to an ancient form of bodywork most Westerners have never heard about: Thai massage.

Visualize This

You enter a sparse, dimly-lit room outfitted with a single mat. The space is serene with only soft music emanating from a sound system. You are lying on the mat, dressed in loose clothing, while the practitioner kneels in front of you and begins to carefully stretch your body. Over the course of the session, your body is strategically stretched, lengthened, and molded into several positions. All you have to do is breathe. Sound relaxing? It is, but relaxation is just one of the many benefits clients reap.

What It Is

Thai massage is a centuries-old practice that is only now beginning to gain popularity in the United States. In fact, Thai massage therapists only began practicing here in 1984. The typical session runs anywhere from 90-120 minutes and is priced comparably to—or sometimes less than—a Western massage.

Thai Massage

Where the typical Western massage focuses mostly on the external physical body, the goal of Thai massage is to treat the whole person in his entirety and restore the client to a state of balance. Through acupressure, Hatha yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, Thai massage combines gentle, yoga-like stretching with massage of the muscles, tendons, pressure points and energy lines—also known as sen.

The method is based on the philosophy that each human has an infinite number of energy channels running through the body. If these lines become blocked or broken, you are more susceptible to disease or injury and will experience various other symptoms because your body is not functioning properly.

“With Western massage, practitioners are mainly concerned with kneading muscle tissue or stripping muscle tissue for it to become relaxed,” says David Roylance, co-founder of Sterling, Virginia-based Touch of Asia, which has seen a whopping 1500% business growth in the two years it’s been open. “Thai massage does have an effect on the muscle and body,” he explains, “but is more concerned with restoring the flow of energy to the body.”

The Benefits

The benefits can be significant and wide-ranging. Not only do you feel instant relaxation and relief from stress, over time, practitioners claim, you can expect enhanced immunity, improved mood, a general increase in energy, and detoxification of the internal organs. Thai massage may also help with high blood pressure and other chronic conditions.

The therapeutic effects are also believed to last longer than the effects of a traditional Western massage. “We hear from our clients that the effects of a Thai massage last 3-4 days versus a Western massage which may last 1-3 hours,” says Roylance, who reports seeing clients with conditions from high blood pressure and depression to the common back, neck, and shoulder issues. After the session is over, his clients say they feel more balanced and have a sense of peace they did not have prior to the massage. Some even say they feel taller!

If flexibility is an issue, Thai massage may be just what the doctor ordered. “Through Thai massage, the client is stretched and ends up with much more mobility than he would get with Western massage,” explains Ananda Apfelbaum, owner of New York City-based Traditional Thai Yoga Massage.

Robert Zanger, co-founder of Los Angeles-based Thai Sabai which sees over 500 clients for massage on a monthly basis, says that the treatment, over time, enhances immunity. His practice, regarded as the premiere Thai massage provider in Los Angeles, treats clients who suffer from sports injuries, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions, as well as those who only seek relaxation and overall well-being. Master masseuse Sasivipa of Thai Sabai also tells us that skin ailments can be indirectly helped by the direct benefit of organ detoxification.

And still another benefit, for the oil-adverse, is that in traditional Thai massage, no body oils are used. So there’s no sticky residue to wash off of your body—or clothing—when you get home. You need only to relax.

Though Thai massage won’t give you the quick jolt you’d get from an espresso, clients say that the lift it brings is much more sustained. Combine that with a heightened sense of relaxation, the benefits of muscle lengthening, and an overall more peaceful mental state, and it sounds like Thai massage may be worth looking into. And it comes with a built-in bonus: unlike with Western massage, you get to keep your clothes on.

Fat Burning Workout

Fat Burning Workout

To succeed with an aerobic fat burning workout or cardiovascular exercise fitness program, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • The frequency at which you perform the workout
  • The intensity of your workout
  • Your motivation for exercising
  • The duration of the exercise

First learn the basics, then perform the program. If you follow the guidelines below along with your exercise you will succeed.


The keys to weight loss and fitness are:

To maintain your present body condition, you should exercise at least twice a week.


The level of exertion should exceed mild demands but at the same time avoiding breathlessness and fatigue. Use the pulse rate or heart rate as a guide to determine the intensity of your training level. This can easily be done with a heart rate monitor. To make your cardiovascular workout effective, your heart rate must be maintained at a level between 70% and 85% of the maximum heart rate. This is also known as the target training zone.

Set up your workout intensity so that your heart rate is kept near the low end of the target training zone (approximately 70%). For each month that passes, you should gradually increase the heart rate until it reaches the high end of the rating zone. As your condition improves, a greater workload will be required in order to raise the heart rate to the training zone. You should stop your exercise immediately and obtain medical assistance if fatigue or breathing becomes excessive during a training session.


To be able to perform an effective aerobic training program, you'll need to stay motivated. Regular and consistent exercising is the key to success. Therefore plan the workout to a regular time and place. Also record your performance and compare it to your plan.


Each workout should be structured into three main parts:

  1. Warm up
  2. The training zone exercise
  3. Cool down.

It is important to prepare your body for an intensive exercise. Five to ten minutes of stretching can will do as a good warm up. Start your zone exercise with low intensity then increase it gradually the training zone for a period of fifteen to thirty minutes. Cool down with five to ten minutes of stretching or light workout. Review: Old-School Steroid Store is a licensed European company providing different drug items (mostly anabolics and other steroid related products) internationally. Their main concern is to provide their customers reliable shipping services at affordable rate. This company is well known because of the quality and potency of their anabolic steroids. They always purchase products in bulk form the original manufacturer and ship them from authorized bounded warehouses. Purchasing the product in a large amount enables them to save money to provide their customers with these products through shipping.

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Girlie Viray

girlie viray
Girlie Viray says she’s quite the shy type, but joining the fitness industry in the past year as an NPC bikini competitor has helped boost her self-confidence. After checking out her resume, I can easily see why.

The 32-year-old, born in the Philippines and currently residing in Temecula, CA, only began competing in the 2011 season, but has already shown she belongs among the elite.

“I watched my first contest, the 2010 NPC West Coast Classic, and that really raised my motivational level,” says Viray. “I started training for a contest in November of that year, and decided to enter my first contest at the 2011 NPC Orange County in April. I won my class, and was pretty much hooked after that.”

A hairstylist by profession, she continued to do some styling of her own onstage by following up her victory at the Orange County with a third-place finish at the California State Championships a month later, and a runner-up landing at the West Coast Classic at the end of June. The mother of a seven-year-old son, Luke, says her competitive plans for 2012 include the Iron Man Magazine Naturally, the West Coast Classic, and the NPC Nationals. And she’s not too shy to say she’s confident the best is yet to come.

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Effective Bodybuilding Tips

effective bodybuilding tips

Bodybuilding is interesting and fun when done right. But many people don’t know where to begin or how to start and get the results they desire. In this article, we will be looking at the basics; the essential bodybuilding tips. The things that matter. Not what people say could work, but the things that do work.

1. Bodybuilding is Simple
Someone once said “if you want to see what you’ve never seen before, go where you haven’t gone before”. Bodybuilding is really that simple. If you want to gain muscle mass and look fit, then you need to simply start carrying weights. Many bodybuilding experts make it look like there’s a lot of technicality to the whole thing. Nope, there isn’t. It’s just plain hard work and discipline.

2. Find a Regimen and Stick to It
This is where your discipline comes in. You can’t just lift weights once and expect to see results. You need to find a regimen that works for you and stick with the program. So, do your research properly before settling on one regimen.

3. Push But Don’t Exhaust Your Muscles
Some people believe that to get excellent results from their bodybuilding efforts, they need to consistently lift weights to the point of muscle failure. Not true. Instead, push your muscles frequently. Just don’t let it get to the point where you can’t lift anymore all the time.

4. Compound Exercises are Great
Bodybuilding is successful when you work two or more groups of muscles together. You can’t just work your chest without working your thighs. You’ll look ridiculous –remember Popeye?- and out of shape. Instead, devote certain days to certain muscle groups. That way, you’ll come out with a body that is both well shaped and impressive.

That’s it really. Do all these and you’ll soon be amazed at how muscular you’ll get.

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Isolation Curls

isolation curls

HOW TO DO IT: Sit on bench holding a dumbbell between your feet. Place the back of your upper arm on your Inner thigh. Lean into your leg to raise your elbow slightly. Curl the dumbbell up to the front of your shoulder. Lower the dumbbell back down to the starting position, until your arm is fully extended.

FORM TIP: When your elbows are fully flexed they can travel forward slightly, allowing your forearms to be no more than vertical.


HOW TO DO IT: Grip a an EZ bar with a shoulder-width underhand grip. With your elbows at your sides, raise the bar up until your forearms are vertical. Lower the bar back down until your arms are fully extended.


HOW TO DO IT: Hold two dumbbells at your sides. Stand upright with your knees slightly bent. Position the two dumbbells with your palms facing in, and arms straight. With your elbows at your sides, raise both dumbbells up until your forearms are almost vertical and your thumbs are facing your shoulders. Return to the starting position and repeat.


HOW TO DO IT: Attach a stirrup attachment to each high pulley cable on a crossover pulley machine. Stand between the two towers with your feet shoulder-width apart Grip each handle and extend your arms out to your sides to form a Y-shape, with your palms facing up. Curl your arms toward your shoulders. Laterally rotate your forearms so that your palms are facing your shoulders at the top of the movement. Keep your elbows in place and slowly return to the starting position.



HOWTO DO IT: Face the high pulley and attach a rope attachment. Grasp the ropes with your palms facing one another. Position your elbows by your sides. Extend your arms downwards while pronating your forearms so that your palms are facing backwards at the bottom of the movement. Squeeze your triceps at the bottom of the movement before returning to the starting position by flexing your elbows.

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Easy Tricks to Carving Your Core

Undoubtedly one of the hardest areas to lose stubborn body fat is your core. It is usually the last area to go and that is why it’s important to have some tricks under your sleeve to stay on track to having that chiseled midsection year round. Wouldn’t it be better than killing yourself at the first glimpse of the spring sun because you know beach season is on its way?

carving your core

Trick #1
It’s important to snack as long as you do it properly and during the time we tell you! Eating a snack in the latter part of the day, around 3:30 that contains protein will aid in boosting your metabolism and regulating your blood sugar. Irregular low blood sugar levels cause the body to retain a low insulin level as well. Low insulin will lead to increased fat storage around the mid section.

Trick #2
Sugar is not your friend. Try to consume as close to zero sugar as you can per day because it will keep your body’s insulin levels low while maintaining high levels of glucagon. This foreign word glucagon is a hormone that feeds on fat which can do wonders to your core.

Trick #3
Cut back on the abdominal exercises! Yes you heard that right, no matter how many crunches you do; excess stomach fat will never allow them to show their true potential. The most important part of getting that shredded core is through proper dieting, then cardio routines and finally working on the abs themselves.

Trick #4
If you suffer from constant bloating it may be a couple different reasons. One can be as easy as looking at the way you eat your food. Slow down when eating and try to chew your food until it is basically the same consistency as mashed potatoes before swallowing. Large chunks of food that settle in the stomach awkwardly can cause bloating. A second trick to reduce bloating is to cut back on sodium intake. High sodium can cause sudden bloating as soon as it is ingested and with so much sodium in foods today it’s important to watch your intake.

Trick #5
People are constantly asking what good snacks are to make sure they are on track to achieving that coveted flat stomach. One of the best snacks you can eat is a cup of yogurt (fat-free) with a couple tablespoons of sunflower seeds sprinkled within. Not your cup of tea? Try a slice of whole-wheat bread with natural peanut butter spread evenly across the surface.

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Four Tips to Stay Motivated

bodybuilding stay motivated

If you’re the type of person that starts out all gung-hoe and quickly loses steam after a few months in; you should follow these simple tips for dieting as well as overall motivation no matter what your end goal is. Consistency and hard work do pay off and it’s important to make that as easy as possible in your quest to getting the shredded physique you desire!

Staying on task
If you aren’t keeping track then you will likely lose sight of your calorie intake, muscles trained, or even the motivation to still go to the gym. There are countless resources out there today that can help you keep track of your workout, caloric needs and goals. Most are even free so there is really no excuse! Download an app on your phone, grab that old notebook out of your drawer, or join a website or forum with a strong motivating and knowledgeable community. Seeing the information logged in front of you helps to track progress and limit the amount of guessing that you are probably guilty of doing now.

Guilty Pleasures
It’s important to reward your hard work with the occasional cheat meal. We even recommend that you have a scheduled cheat meal once a week as long as it’s nothing over the top like 3,000 calories of cheese cake. By depriving yourself of all the foods you love, it will only make you want them more. Portion out ahead of time certain foods that you can’t live without and allow yourself that guilty pleasure. Healthy fats are your friends and by limiting all fats you are risking becoming lethargic, and other health detriments from doing so.

Pass the Enriched
An old saying goes, the darker the color the better it is for you. And that holds true for breads, vegetables and pasta. Next time you are at your local supermarket picking out things for the week, choose whole wheat pasta instead of refined or white. This includes bread as well. 100% whole wheat is going to be very close in calories to white bread but with much more fiber. The fiber is going to keep you fuller longer, often resulting in becoming full on a smaller portion size. Give wheat a try because whatever misconceptions you may have heard, it’s very similar in taste as well! Not feeling starved all the time is sure to increase your motivation to sticking with your routine.

Support, Support, Support
Sometimes being your own source of support and motivation just isn’t enough. Engage in a forum; get your significant other to join with you, an office buddy or even someone you just met at the gym. If you constantly feel like skipping your workouts, a gym partner is the perfect solution to get you back on track by asking you, “how bad do you want it!”

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ZMA Benefits And Side Effects

As you are probably painfully aware by now, building muscle, burning fat, and just generally getting your body into much better shape in the process, is not a simple pastime or activity, and it isn’t something that can be achieved quickly. If you are serious about stepping up your diet and training, and taking your physique to the next level, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to get you to your overall goals and objectives.

As mentioned, you won’t see any notable improvements overnight, and it may be several weeks before you begin seeing any feeling, any improvements, but as long as you are patient and consistent, the gains will come, you just need to bide your time, do what needs to be done, and not expect miracles. As far as building muscle and burning fat is concerned, you must ensure that you are following the right training regime at the right time.

It’s no good just going to the gym and doing whatever you feel like doing on the day, you need to have some structure in your training, so that, if you’re down to train legs on that day, you make sure that you train legs on that day. Then of course, there is your diet to consider, which is actually even more important than the training side of things. You must ensure you are eating enough fresh, healthy, and wholesome produce, along with getting enough protein on a daily basis. Aim for around 1 – 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight, making sure to include protein supplements to help you to reach your macros.

Speaking of supplements, there is one supplement in particular, that experts are especially excited for in terms of bodybuilding, and it is this supplement which we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at right now. The supplement in question, is none other than ZMA, so let’s learn what ZMA is, plus take a look at several ZMA benefits in the process.

zma benefits

What Is ZMA?

ZMA, is a supplement that is made up of zinc, magnesium, and of Vitamin B6. All three of these ingredients play essential roles in a number of biological and physiological processes within the human body, and what’s more, all three are also very difficult to come by naturally. A vast percentage of human beings, all across the globe, are deficient in at least one of the aforementioned minerals or vitamins, which obviously then puts their health at great risk in the process.
One of the primary ZMA benefits then, is that it basically helps to ensure that deficiencies in any of the previously mentioned ingredients, simply do not become issues. Commonly, ZMA supplements are thought to assist with sleep and rest after a long day, and whilst that has indeed been proven to be true, ZMA supplements are now also found to be highly beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes in the process.

The Importance Of Minerals

ZMA supplements are backed up by a number of clinical studies and plenty of research, and one of the main reasons why ZMA benefits are so prominent, is down to the fact that the supplements provide plenty of essential minerals.


For example, Zinc plays a vital role in numerous biological processes and chemical reactions within the human body, and it has also been found to help boost the immune system, enhance hormone production, boost fertility, increase mental alertness, and increase physical energy in the process. Despite this, most human beings are deficient in this mineral, even though it is found commonly in certain whole food sources, particularly shellfish, that are the most foods high in zinc.


Magnesium is another mineral that we don’t get enough of, and this mineral is thought to be particularly beneficial for a person’s general health and well-being. For example, magnesium has been proven to assist with the transportation of neurochemicals which are essential for the healthy function of the muscles. On top of that, magnesium is also essential for cardiovascular health as it assists with heart function.

What is ZMA Benefits?

Now that we know a little more about ZMA, and what it contains, we’ll now take a look at some of the main reasons why you may wish to seriously consider supplementing with ZMA supplements.

ZMA Boosts The Immune System

One of the main benefits of ZMA supplements, is the fact that it boosts the immune system, which is hugely beneficial in itself. The immune system is the human body’s first and last line of defence against illness and disease, so a weak immune system is going to leave you more susceptible to a whole host of illnesses and ailments that could put your health at risk.

ZMA is rich in nutrients that strengthen and boost the immune system, which makes it ideal for anybody looking to improve their general health and well-being. Zinc and magnesium both play key roles in immunity, but the vitamin B6 really comes into its own and shows how useful it is when it comes to boosting our immune system.

A strong immune system protects you against illness and disease, so common colds and ailments can be avoided, as can more serious conditions such as cancer. This is also beneficial from a bodybuilding perspective, for the simple reason that, if you are ill and unwell, you will be unable to train, or if you do train, your workouts will suck, and you won’t be able to push yourself as hard as you may have initially hoped.

ZMA Boosts Testosterone

Another huge benefit associated with ZMA supplements, and one of the primary reasons why so many bodybuilders are now including ZMA supplements as part of their supplement stack, is the fact that ZMA supplements have been scientifically proven to boost testosterone. Zinc really factors into the equation here, because zinc has been found to greatly enhance testosterone production within the human body.

You may have heard people talking about how oysters are a natural aphrodisiac and how they can help boost fertility and libido, and the reason for this is because they are packed full of zinc. As the zinc helps stimulate the production and secretion of testosterone, you benefit from all of the zinc benefits associated with elevated test levels. Testosterone is vital for muscle growth and repair, so obviously the more of the hormone you have, the more muscle you will be likely to build.

We Lose Zinc When We Exercise

Studies have found that, when we exercise, we lose vital electrolytes and nutrients via our sweat, including zinc. Studies have found that we lose around 9% of our daily zinc requirements through sweat, which greatly hinders athletic performance, as well as our general health and fitness. In terms of ZMA benefits, the fact that we are able to replace lost zinc through these supplements, helps to greatly enhance physical performance, as well as endurance and health in general.

ZMA Supplements Promote A Good Night’s Sleep

Not sleeping sucks, and if you have a bad night’s sleep, boy do you know about it the next day. ZMA supplements have been proven to help promote a good night’s sleep, which is beneficial in so many different ways. Sticking with the bodybuilding theme, being able to get enough sleep at night is hugely important because we do our growing and repairing when we sleep and rest.
Without enough sleep, our muscles won’t be able to grow or recover as effectively as we may have hoped. Then of course, there is the fact that, if you don’t get enough sleep, the next day you will feel tired and lethargic, so the last thing you’ll want to do is hit the gym and exercise. With ZMA however, you needn’t worry as you will sleep at night, and feel fantastic the next morning.

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Old School Training

Contraction and control are very important in leg extensions.

Bring the weight up in a controlled and deliberate manner all the way until your legs are completely extended. Contract hard for a brief count at the top, and then lower the weight back slowly to the start position. Never the let weight stack touch down between reps.

old school training

Heavy-Duty Legs with Mr. America/ Mr. Universe Mike Mentzer, Using the Pre-Exhaust System.

To develop mass, power and thickness in the thighs using the pre-ex-haust concept, which was originally developed by MMI’s own Robert Kennedy, popularized in the 1970s by Mike Mentzer, and later by sixtime Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

HOW IT WORKS: Perform all three exercises as one large tri-set with absolutely no rest between exercises. Start with leg extensions. This exercise focuses the stress almost entirely on the quad muscles of the front thigh. It’s important to isolate the quads with this singlejoint move to fatigue them so that when you go immediately into the squat, and then leg press, the secondary muscle groups (hamstrings, glutes) will have a temporary strength advantage and the thigh muscles can go to the point of failure without the weaker secondary muscles giving out first.

Mike believed in using the heaviest weight he could handle during the exercise. Although he believed in performing only one tri-set at maximum weight, he was also smart enough to make sure he warmed up his body and working muscles thoroughly. He began with light extensions and squats, typically 2-3 sets, to make sure he was loose and flexible and to prevent the possibility of serious injury. Though he did only one working set (three parts), he’d take every set to the point of positive failure, where he could no longer raise the weight for a full rep every workout!

  1. Use a weight that allows about eight reps with good form. Contract your quads to raise the padded lever in a smooth but strong motion, holding the peak-contracted position for a count; lower under control.
  2. After your set of extensions go directly to the squat rack; use a weight that allows you to do 5-8 reps with good form (have the weight already set). Control the descent, making sure you don’t bounce at the bottom. In a strong motion press back up to full-leg extension; continue to failure. Keep your back flat and midsection tight during execution; Mike would stare at a spot on the ceiling across the room to help keep his back from rounding or hunching. He preferred squatting to parallel, as he believed going lower put the connective tissues in a vulnerable position.
  3. Finish the tri-set with the vertical leg press, effective for stimulating growth because you can go heavy without worrying about balancing the weights. (If your gym doesn’t have this machine opt for the traditional leg press instead.) Choose a weight with which you can do 4-6 reps but go to failure. If you don’t have a spotter, push through your knees and self-spot with your hands for an extra rep or two. Mike would also add negative reps, lowering the weight very slowly, resisting as much as possible, then using the aid of his arms to push the weight back up to the start position. That’s it! This tri-set is extremely demanding and Mike believed that adding any more would be overtraining. (Warm-up sets don’t count.) Don’t train legs more than twice a week and don’t do more sets than indicated here. Using the right weights is critical to reaching muscle failure by the target reps. It’s also wise to train with a partner for safety.

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Not Just Bad For The Waistline

Everyone knows too much sugar in your diet leads to weight gain, but too much glucose and fructose in particular also leads to potentially dangerous consequences for your liver, arteries and heart. Liver cells are the only ones in the body that can break down fructose, which they use to create fat. Too much causes a buildup in your liver called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which now affects almost 30% of adult Americans. When left too long, the condition can lead to cirrhosis and the degeneration of liver function, as well as cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is, to many people, the fountain of youth, and researchers have proof for this theory. No matter what your age, 20 minutes of exercise daily is all that’s required to reverse age-related decline in muscle stem cells, those cells vital to new muscle growth.

Rest-Pause to Power Up
You’ve likely used rest-pause as a way to take a set past muscle failure in an effort to build more muscle size. Research now shows rest-pause is also a great way to boost muscle power. You just have to use the technique a bit differently. When Appalachian State (Boone, NC) researchers had trained bodybuilders perform six reps of power cleans they were able to maintain power better on all reps when they used rest-pause for 20 or 40 seconds after every rep than when they did all six reps straight through. When training with explosive movements such as power cleans or jump squats, take a 20-40-second rest-pause between reps. This technique will help you build more muscle power and greater strength.

Researchers at Appalachian State University (Boone, NC) and the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) found energy expenditure continues for up to 14 hours after a 45-minute high-intensity workout. This is great news for trainers wanting to lose unwanted bodyfat.

Want some help in reducing your last bit of belly fat? Try adding blueberries to your oatmeal or shakes. Researchers at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center (Ann Arbor, MI) found rats that were fed powdered freeze-dried blueberries had less abdominal fat and lower triglycerides (blood fats) and cholesterol compared to rats not given the blueberry powder in their diets. The scientists discovered blueberry intake affected genes associated with fat burning and storage.

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How To Achieve That Well Defined Physique

Well Defined Physique

Bodybuilding and muscular development is a product of two types of muscular hypertropy. First is sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which result in bulking up of muscles and the other is myofibrillar hypertrophy which makes muscles stronger.When you lift weights, your muscles will get some micro-tears which cause you to feel some soreness immediately after workout and usually two days after that. Naturally, as you spend more days in the gym the soreness will become less and less pronounced.

For the muscles to become more resilient, the principle of progressive overload is employed. At the gym, this is when you’re asked to progressively increase the weights, repetitions, and cycles. However, people who only increase these parameters usually catapult themselves onto a plateau state where they notice that their muscles are no longer bulking up as they should and did. Hence, some fitness coaches try to modify your workout routines by adjusting the weight, reps, and sets to continually challenge your body and prevent it from going into a plateau.

Some bodybuilders want to get big biceps fast and sculpted pecs even faster. Having these earns guys the bragging rights, not to mention being ogled at for hours by those around them. Several bicep and chest workout routines are designed specifically to engage these muscle groups. One way to get big biceps fast is to do barbell or dumbbell curls which you could perform upright or lying at an angle.

Single-arm preacher curls are also a mainstay routine which isolates the biceps specifically. To avoid having a lopsided look to your upper arms, hammer curls are integrated into the program to engage the muscles beside the biceps. Chest workout routine usually include varied forms of dumbbell flyes and bench presses. In order to work out not only one part of your chest muscles, a cable crossover is usually prescribed as well.

Nutrition is an essential component to body-building. Unbeknownst to them, they are actually going against progress as the body goes into low metabolic state mode during a famished state. Training excessively without adhering to rest days will not help your muscles grow, and instead place you at higher risk of injury.

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Lift Lighter, Build More Muscles

Tired of waiting around in the gym for the right weights to be free? New research form the US means you can make gym queues like this a thing of the past, as it proves that you can build muscle just as fast using lighter weights. Traditional exercise wisdom says that the quickest way to build big muscles is to lift as heavy as possible. However, the new study shows you can get equally impressive results from going lighter but performing more repetitions. The only condition is that you must do all your sets to failure. So, next time your preferred dumbbells are taken, just switch down and up your reps. You'll be out of the gym that much quicker and still see the growth you're looking for.

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