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Deca 300

Deca utilizes advanced technology for a steady release of muscle promoting nutrients to help maintain anabolic activity essential for building mass. Increase your energy levels and mental focus. Enhance your nitrogen and oxygen levels in all muscle cells with increased blood flow. Deca is the most advanced formula for huge mass and energy gains.

Duraxyl 100

Duraxyl 100 combines both the anabolic effects of Deca with the fat burning results of Tren. Also included in this new barely legal supplement are two proprietary extracts to improve mental focus. Dense muscle gains and improved mental state are two of the most common requests of our customers today. Look better and feel better than ever before with this popular supplement.


HGH is formulated to increase IGF-1 production in the body. IFG-1 is similar to Insulin and plays an important role in the anabolic effects of adults. HGH promotes stronger peptide bonds and amino acid chains, key factors in metabolism. Catabolic functions must work properly to break down larger cells to develop and reproduce. Anabolism then, with these well functioning metabolic pathways, can properly rebuild the cells leading to lean muscle gains.

Winny 250

This bodybuilding supplement offers very similar anabolic like effects as stanozolol, Winny 250 is a safer, legal alternative. Winn is very popular due to the fact it helps increase strength without much weight-gain and it can help promote that "veinny" look. Commonly used to help harden and define the muscles. Good cutting product for a tone, ripped body.

Dianabol (D-Bol)

This powerful nutritional supplement can be been compared to Methandrostenolone for it's ability to help provide significant gains in strength and mass, without the nasty estrogenic side effects. A great product for gaining size quickly.

Trenboxyl Enanthate 200

Trenboxyl Enanthate 200 is a great supplement product for increasing nitrogen uptake in muscles which causes a higher rate of protein synthesis. Along with many other factors at work, you will experience dramatic strength increases without water retention.

Oxandroxyl (Anavar)

This powerful bodybuilding product will help support your bodies ability to produce testosterone, naturally. Get size only where you want it. Tune up your body's growth ability without hurting it artificially.

Cut Mix

The ultimate stack combination for serious mass! This clinically engineered stack is preferred by bodybuilders and athletes for it's quick ability to build mass safely and effectively.

Cutaxyl 150

High energy burst and serious muscle development technology will help you realize ridiculous strength gains with this superior stack!

Cut Stack

Get cut fast! This clinically engineered stack combination will get you well on your way to the strong lines and supplies you have been seeking.

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