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Recent Bodybuilding Articles

Women Building Muscle - What You Need to Know

women building muscle
Being a woman, you may be completely comfortable trying to be slim and trim. However, you may not be as comfortable with trying to build muscle. If you do have the passion to develop muscles to sculpt your body structure, don’t think that it’s impossible. You can enhance your fitness by developing muscles and also speed up the process of burning fat. Ultimately, your body can become less prone to being overweight and having associated problems when you start to build muscle. So, here is a discussion to help you with information about women building muscle.

Muscle Building for Men and Women

Though, women building muscle is not significantly different from men accomplishing the same task, the hormonal differences between these two genders can bring differences between the same process for two different people.

  • Women can develop a restricted amount of muscle mass as compared to men.
  • The process of building muscle for women achieves its target faster than that employed by men.
  • Women are required to follow fewer exercises as compared to men to carve their body with muscles.
  • The main motive of women to build muscles is to attain a sexy and curvy figure, while men develop muscle to accumulate strength in their body.

Recommended Muscle Building Exercises for Woman

The exercises for women building muscle are similar to those employed by men for the same purpose, though the level of exercising may differ. Here are few of the most recommended exercises for women to build muscle.

  • Bench press and pullovers for building the muscles in chest.
  • Lat pull downs and dead lifts for building back muscles.
  • Squats and calf raises for toning leg muscles and
  • Crunches for building muscles in abdomen.

For further information, you might want to consult your gym instructor.

Complementing Exercises with a Planned Diet

The process of women building muscle must be simultaneous to losing excessive fat from the body. For this, it is essential to eat healthy and balance the calorie requirements of the body on regular basis. Again, a gym instructor can help you in planning your diet schedule. One point we want to suggest is to drink a lot of water everyday.

Benefits of Building Muscles

Women building muscle can add worth to their eligibility to achieve success in all walks of life. The things, which are lacked by other fitness campaigns like weight loss exercises and swimming, are fulfilled by exercise employed for building muscles:

  • The newly discovered muscles can give you self confidence in your new body and new found strength.
  • You can start to become more physically active in sports or other physical activities that you weren’t able to perform before.
  • The strengthening of muscles can also add strength to your bones and thus, the chances for bone diseases before a certain age are reduced significantly.
  • Finally, you’ll look better than ever in all of the new clothes you have to buy for your new body.

So, the moral of the story is that women building muscle is not rocket science for any women in this world, no matter what her personal or professional background is. Utilize the information above and see the stunning differences in your lifestyle.

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Muscle Building Training Secrets

muscle building training secrets

What’s more important than building muscles is to know the right approach for muscle building training. It has been estimated time and again that people desiring a great muscled body end up wasting their time, efforts and money due to lack of proper knowledge. First of all, it is better to workout under the guidance of a professional instructor. If that doesn’t comfort you, make sure you have learned all the tips for self muscle building training.

Number of Workouts per Week

The novice bodybuilders are highly charged to workout extensively throughout the week in the beginning. And the result is unbearable body pains and damage to body tissues. The workout sessions must be followed appropriately with right duration. It has been proved that a body experiencing a workout session for the first time needs at least 2 days to recover from this sudden change. So, be patient to follow the rules of muscle building training and decide three workout sessions in a week is plenty.

Appropriate Contribution From Different Techniques

There are basically three types of exercise suggested by muscle building training:

  • Free weight muscle building
  • Machine based muscle building and
  • Compound based exercises

There has been a constant argument upon the effectiveness of each of these exercising techniques in achieving fast and desirable results. The fact is that all these three forms of exercising can contribute their individual share in endowing your body with impressive muscles. Thus, it is favorable to maintain proper contribution of all these exercising schedules.

Eat Well but Don’t Gain Fat

Now, this is a critical aspect of muscle building training. While trying to build good muscle mass, you are recommended to consume good quality food in proper quantities. However, if you are equally concerned about avoiding extra weight or if you’re already overweight, then you might get trapped into a deadlock. To break this deadlock, you are required to carefully choose the food items and count all of the calories being consumed by your body. It is not a difficult task to maintain the balance; only a careful approach will help you to achieve this.

Avoid Muscle Imbalance

Many people, unaware of the secrets of muscle building training, commit this mistake of working out extensively on a few body muscles, while completely neglecting others. Thus, your important muscle groups like legs, chest, abdomen, arms, and shoulders and back must be fed equally with your workout schedules. At the end, your whole body should appear well built by your muscle building approach.

Keep Your Mind Vacant

It is important that as you follow the guidelines of muscle building training and get started in workout, your mind must not be preoccupied with other commitments and tensions. You can never enjoy your muscle building process in such a situation, and desirable results become difficult to attain. Maintain a proper level of breathing and let the tensions burst like bubbles.

You have just learned the significant approaches to make your muscle building process efficient and rewarding. Evaluate your workout performance after a month and you will appreciate your decision of following these secrets when you see the results you’ve gained over time.

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Pre And Post Workout Nutrition

Suggestions on what to eat before and after a workout are a question that is often asked. What you eat before and after your trip to the gym is essential for muscle growth and recovery. To gain the best results form your workouts, eating the right foods in the right proportions will help ensure that you gain the best results from your fitness routine.

pre post workout nutrition

Pre Workout Nutrition

Eating a good pre workout meal can make a difference between in your ability to get a good set in or adding more weight; or not. A lot of people put a all their focus on post workout nutrition by disregarding pre workout meal. Most fitness buffs, claim that working out on an empty stomach helps to burn more fat. The opposite is true. If you are not taking time needed to eat a proper meal in preparation for your workout, then you could be doing more harm than good to your overall fitness goals. It’s important to fuel your body with the right nutrients to gain muscle strength, endurance, and recovery.

Test it for yourself. Workout without eating and see how long you last. Next, you’ll want to workout after eating a solid meal and compare your overall endurance levels and intensity with the first study. You’ll notice that you will be much more equipped to last longer during your workouts, while combating fatigue.

Due to the time it takes to digest a meal, it’s best to eat one to two hours before your workout. A proper meal should consist of simple carbohydrates and protein. Simple carbohydrates can come in the form fruit or vegetables. Fruit tends to help replenish the flow of blood in the body as well as fuel the body with enough energy to get through your workout. If you want, a small amount of complex carbohydrates they can be added in the form of oatmeal, yams, or brown rice. Next, add a serving of protein such as an egg or a protein shake. If you want a quick meal try a low sugar protein bar that has a good combination of carbohydrates and protein.

It’s vital that you drink plenty of water before you workout. Water will help alleviate cramping and low energy levels. In athletes, it’s best to drink water to supply the body what it may lose through perspiration during training.

Post Workout Nutrition

For people who train, your post work out meal is most important. To make this simple, your post workout meal should only consist of protein and carbohydrates. The best time to consume this meal is within an hour after your workout. However, consuming your meal within 30 minutes is best. Good sources of protein include a whey protein shake. While other protein sources for building muscle such as eggs, fish, and chicken are good sources of protein as well. During this time, you want to eat something that’s going to quickly absorb into your digestive system supplying your muscles with vital nutrients, fast.

After your workout, it’s important to restore your muscle glycogens so that your muscle tissue doesn’t breakdown. For that purpose, carbohydrates are the best to eat, which will help push nutrients into your muscle tissue faster. Looking for carbohydrates with high fiber amounts such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, or oatmeal.

If achieving your fitness goals quickly is your goal, then carefully plan your pre and post workout nutrition. If you don’t supply the body with the nutrients it needs for proper muscle growth, your time working out may be in vain. Use this outline of pre and post workout nutrition as a guide to make your own nutritious muscle building, workout meals.

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Steps To Consistently Maintaining a Healthy Diet

healthy diet

Diet is a word that is all too familiar to bodybuilders. The necessity of a healthy diet is obvious to the hard training bodybuilder. There is nothing more discouraging than building slabs of powerful muscle, only to be hidden by a thick layer of body fat. Hard working muscles need the right fuel to continue to grow bigger and stronger.

Every bodybuilder knows the importance of a healthy diet. The real question is how to consistently maintain a healthy diet, even during those times of temptation. There are plenty of temptations and opportunities to slip. A small slip is not a big deal, but a large or continuous slip can be a major issue that may undo much of the hard work.

There are some helpful strategies to maintain a healthy diet. There are motivational techniques, behavioral choices, and, of course, the avoidance plan. No matter which strategy is used, it is important to accept the fact that you are human and mistakes occur. If you slip, get back on the plan and move forward. If the guilt is eating away at you, do an extra thirty minutes of cardiovascular work.

Trying to stay the course can be tough when people around you are not on the same page. Holidays become a tough time, also. Parties and social gatherings offer a lot of tasty, diet killing, muscle hiding food. These times require a little extra willpower. These are also the times when you need to remember your motivation for staying on a healthy diet.

If you have made some significant gains since adopting a healthy diet it might help to carry a before picture of yourself to remind you of why you eat healthy. A picture of a bodybuilder you admire, and aspire to be like, might help also.

Before attending an event where food may be an issue try spending ten minutes posing in front of the mirror or do a short, pump-building workout. The pumped feeling may help remind you each time you feel tempted by a bad choice.

Behavior modification strategies might include working with a partner who has the same goals to constantly remind each other why the healthy diet is the right choice. Convince yourself that food is simply a fuel for muscle growth and energy needs and schedule your meals accordingly. Stop eating for flavor and start eating for survival and performance. This will help you avoid those splurge meals or those little treats. Eating a healthy, high protein meal before going to a social gathering might help reduce the chances of cheating, as well. The protein meal will help fill you up and stay with you so you are not hungry and you will not need to snack.

Avoidance is the optimal choice. If you can avoid putting yourself in a position where temptation exists then you eliminate the problem. However, total avoidance is not an option without becoming a hermit. Avoiding the dessert table or skipping the sauces and dips can be accomplished fairly easy. Avoiding the bar and not ordering appetizers will also help reduce unhealthy choices. Asking family members to have healthy choices at family gatherings will also help you avoid many of the temptations regularly experienced at holiday times.

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Eating High Quality Fats

high quality fats

Shudder to think? No, no mistake has been made. This discussion is on eating high quality fats and not avoiding it. In common parlance today, the very mention of fat has become such an untouchable pariah! But, the fact remains that fat is an essential component to sustain the metabolic functions of human and even some animal bodies. What is necessary however is that one should know the facts about fat and choose the type of fats that are beneficial and discard those that can potentially deliver harm either in the short or long run.

Understanding fat

Let us examine the various types of fat before attempting a judgement on what is good and what is bad fat. For the purpose of this discussion, we will look at three broad classifications of fat.

  • Saturated fat
  • Hydrogenated fat
  • Unsaturated fat

Saturated fat

Most food from animals and certain plants contain saturated fat. Beef, veal, beef fat, pork, lamb, poultry fat, cream, milk, butter, cheese and a range of diary products derived from whole milk as well as 2 percent milk. Other carriers of saturated fat can be coconut, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil (also known as tropical oils) and butter obtained from cocoa. Fat from this stream has been held responsible for causing high blood cholesterol from dietary causes. While some fat are indeed essential for the human body, high levels of blood cholesterol does not merit any leniency, because high blood cholesterol has been singled out as a primary cause for a number of coronary dysfunctions and often leading to heart attacks.

Hydrogenated fat

Here is the major culprit. Hydrogenation is a chemical process wherein manufacturers of vegetable oils add hydrogen to the oil. Not because it is good for you, but because it enhances the shelf life of the product and increases the flavour stability of food which contain these fats. Remember the deep fried finger chips? There are no labelling regulations for fast foods – as yet. Take a look at the saturated fat percentages mentioned in the label giving you the nutrition facts.

Unsaturated fat (Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated)

Fish, seeds, nuts, and oils from certain plants contain unsaturated fats. Salmon, avocados, herring, olives, trout, walnuts, sunflower oil, saa flower oil, soybean etc. contain unsaturated fats in good measure.

Food with quality fat

Beef holds special favor with muscle builders for its high quality protein content and the low fat level. Eggs work as a power food to build muscles. The egg whites have no fat while the yolk is rich in cholesterol. The fat provided is omega 3, a good fat. Chicken/turkey is an excellent source to provide protein while being low in fat, though some parts of the chicken do carry high fat. Fish, particularly the lobster, mullet, haddock etc. too work well with muscle building. Tuna fish is also another convenient choice. Finally, soy and milk. Although liquid food, they are rich in protein and in combination with meat, compliment amino acids obtained from meat.

Ideally, all your meals should have protein in it and should be evenly spread out across the day. About 3 grams of protein for every kilogram of your body weight will contribute to positive balancing of nitrogen. This will optimize the results particularly in combination with passionate weight training.

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