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Girlie Viray

girlie viray
Girlie Viray says she’s quite the shy type, but joining the fitness industry in the past year as an NPC bikini competitor has helped boost her self-confidence. After checking out her resume, I can easily see why.

The 32-year-old, born in the Philippines and currently residing in Temecula, CA, only began competing in the 2011 season, but has already shown she belongs among the elite.

“I watched my first contest, the 2010 NPC West Coast Classic, and that really raised my motivational level,” says Viray. “I started training for a contest in November of that year, and decided to enter my first contest at the 2011 NPC Orange County in April. I won my class, and was pretty much hooked after that.”

A hairstylist by profession, she continued to do some styling of her own onstage by following up her victory at the Orange County with a third-place finish at the California State Championships a month later, and a runner-up landing at the West Coast Classic at the end of June. The mother of a seven-year-old son, Luke, says her competitive plans for 2012 include the Iron Man Magazine Naturally, the West Coast Classic, and the NPC Nationals. And she’s not too shy to say she’s confident the best is yet to come.

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Effective Bodybuilding Tips

effective bodybuilding tips

Bodybuilding is interesting and fun when done right. But many people don’t know where to begin or how to start and get the results they desire. In this article, we will be looking at the basics; the essential bodybuilding tips. The things that matter. Not what people say could work, but the things that do work.

1. Bodybuilding is Simple
Someone once said “if you want to see what you’ve never seen before, go where you haven’t gone before”. Bodybuilding is really that simple. If you want to gain muscle mass and look fit, then you need to simply start carrying weights. Many bodybuilding experts make it look like there’s a lot of technicality to the whole thing. Nope, there isn’t. It’s just plain hard work and discipline.

2. Find a Regimen and Stick to It
This is where your discipline comes in. You can’t just lift weights once and expect to see results. You need to find a regimen that works for you and stick with the program. So, do your research properly before settling on one regimen.

3. Push But Don’t Exhaust Your Muscles
Some people believe that to get excellent results from their bodybuilding efforts, they need to consistently lift weights to the point of muscle failure. Not true. Instead, push your muscles frequently. Just don’t let it get to the point where you can’t lift anymore all the time.

4. Compound Exercises are Great
Bodybuilding is successful when you work two or more groups of muscles together. You can’t just work your chest without working your thighs. You’ll look ridiculous –remember Popeye?- and out of shape. Instead, devote certain days to certain muscle groups. That way, you’ll come out with a body that is both well shaped and impressive.

That’s it really. Do all these and you’ll soon be amazed at how muscular you’ll get.

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