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Thai Massage Helps with Chronic Conditions

Today’s typical American is constantly on the go. All too often, rejuvenation is synonymous with powering up with venti lattes. And relaxation is relegated to those few precious hours between midnight and dawn. But we’re becoming more health conscious, which is why a growing number of Americans, with overall well-being on their minds, are now flocking to an ancient form of bodywork most Westerners have never heard about: Thai massage.

Visualize This

You enter a sparse, dimly-lit room outfitted with a single mat. The space is serene with only soft music emanating from a sound system. You are lying on the mat, dressed in loose clothing, while the practitioner kneels in front of you and begins to carefully stretch your body. Over the course of the session, your body is strategically stretched, lengthened, and molded into several positions. All you have to do is breathe. Sound relaxing? It is, but relaxation is just one of the many benefits clients reap.

What It Is

Thai massage is a centuries-old practice that is only now beginning to gain popularity in the United States. In fact, Thai massage therapists only began practicing here in 1984. The typical session runs anywhere from 90-120 minutes and is priced comparably to—or sometimes less than—a Western massage.

Thai Massage

Where the typical Western massage focuses mostly on the external physical body, the goal of Thai massage is to treat the whole person in his entirety and restore the client to a state of balance. Through acupressure, Hatha yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, Thai massage combines gentle, yoga-like stretching with massage of the muscles, tendons, pressure points and energy lines—also known as sen.

The method is based on the philosophy that each human has an infinite number of energy channels running through the body. If these lines become blocked or broken, you are more susceptible to disease or injury and will experience various other symptoms because your body is not functioning properly.

“With Western massage, practitioners are mainly concerned with kneading muscle tissue or stripping muscle tissue for it to become relaxed,” says David Roylance, co-founder of Sterling, Virginia-based Touch of Asia, which has seen a whopping 1500% business growth in the two years it’s been open. “Thai massage does have an effect on the muscle and body,” he explains, “but is more concerned with restoring the flow of energy to the body.”

The Benefits

The benefits can be significant and wide-ranging. Not only do you feel instant relaxation and relief from stress, over time, practitioners claim, you can expect enhanced immunity, improved mood, a general increase in energy, and detoxification of the internal organs. Thai massage may also help with high blood pressure and other chronic conditions.

The therapeutic effects are also believed to last longer than the effects of a traditional Western massage. “We hear from our clients that the effects of a Thai massage last 3-4 days versus a Western massage which may last 1-3 hours,” says Roylance, who reports seeing clients with conditions from high blood pressure and depression to the common back, neck, and shoulder issues. After the session is over, his clients say they feel more balanced and have a sense of peace they did not have prior to the massage. Some even say they feel taller!

If flexibility is an issue, Thai massage may be just what the doctor ordered. “Through Thai massage, the client is stretched and ends up with much more mobility than he would get with Western massage,” explains Ananda Apfelbaum, owner of New York City-based Traditional Thai Yoga Massage.

Robert Zanger, co-founder of Los Angeles-based Thai Sabai which sees over 500 clients for massage on a monthly basis, says that the treatment, over time, enhances immunity. His practice, regarded as the premiere Thai massage provider in Los Angeles, treats clients who suffer from sports injuries, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions, as well as those who only seek relaxation and overall well-being. Master masseuse Sasivipa of Thai Sabai also tells us that skin ailments can be indirectly helped by the direct benefit of organ detoxification.

And still another benefit, for the oil-adverse, is that in traditional Thai massage, no body oils are used. So there’s no sticky residue to wash off of your body—or clothing—when you get home. You need only to relax.

Though Thai massage won’t give you the quick jolt you’d get from an espresso, clients say that the lift it brings is much more sustained. Combine that with a heightened sense of relaxation, the benefits of muscle lengthening, and an overall more peaceful mental state, and it sounds like Thai massage may be worth looking into. And it comes with a built-in bonus: unlike with Western massage, you get to keep your clothes on.

Fat Burning Workout

Fat Burning Workout

To succeed with an aerobic fat burning workout or cardiovascular exercise fitness program, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • The frequency at which you perform the workout
  • The intensity of your workout
  • Your motivation for exercising
  • The duration of the exercise

First learn the basics, then perform the program. If you follow the guidelines below along with your exercise you will succeed.


The keys to weight loss and fitness are:

To maintain your present body condition, you should exercise at least twice a week.


The level of exertion should exceed mild demands but at the same time avoiding breathlessness and fatigue. Use the pulse rate or heart rate as a guide to determine the intensity of your training level. This can easily be done with a heart rate monitor. To make your cardiovascular workout effective, your heart rate must be maintained at a level between 70% and 85% of the maximum heart rate. This is also known as the target training zone.

Set up your workout intensity so that your heart rate is kept near the low end of the target training zone (approximately 70%). For each month that passes, you should gradually increase the heart rate until it reaches the high end of the rating zone. As your condition improves, a greater workload will be required in order to raise the heart rate to the training zone. You should stop your exercise immediately and obtain medical assistance if fatigue or breathing becomes excessive during a training session.


To be able to perform an effective aerobic training program, you'll need to stay motivated. Regular and consistent exercising is the key to success. Therefore plan the workout to a regular time and place. Also record your performance and compare it to your plan.


Each workout should be structured into three main parts:

  1. Warm up
  2. The training zone exercise
  3. Cool down.

It is important to prepare your body for an intensive exercise. Five to ten minutes of stretching can will do as a good warm up. Start your zone exercise with low intensity then increase it gradually the training zone for a period of fifteen to thirty minutes. Cool down with five to ten minutes of stretching or light workout. Review: Old-School Steroid Store is a licensed European company providing different drug items (mostly anabolics and other steroid related products) internationally. Their main concern is to provide their customers reliable shipping services at affordable rate. This company is well known because of the quality and potency of their anabolic steroids. They always purchase products in bulk form the original manufacturer and ship them from authorized bounded warehouses. Purchasing the product in a large amount enables them to save money to provide their customers with these products through shipping.

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Conclusive Remarks:

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DragonPharma.Net Review: High Quality Anabolic Steroids

This company is well known in all over the world for its high quality products. Their best product is their own manufactured high quality anabolic steroids which have features of its own. They deal online so that everyone anywhere in the world can get access to them so that they can order and use their products. They have their own shipment service which means if you place your order online, no matter where you live, they will send you your product.

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DragonPharma.Net Official Website

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All in all, We will say that this company will be best for anyone who loves to use anabolic steroid. Based on the customer remarks and user reviews, We will rate this company 5 out of 5 and will recommend everyone to use it.
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