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Biceps training - Rules of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Biceps Exercises

Even if bodybuilding techniques and standards evolved considerably in the recent years, the biceps of Arnold Schwarzenegger remained to be a standard in size and shape among today's bodybuilders. Strategically many athletes approached the training of their hands with a methodology based on the diversity and intensity.

Five rules of technique for biceps by Arnold Schwarzenegger:

1) Variety. Switch between barbells, dumbbells and blocks.

2) Isolation. Do not use the help of deltas, lower back and other parts of the body, when training the biceps. Do not swing the weight.

3) Full range of motion. Move the weight in a controlled, but finalized form, except the cases when you are using the heavy intensive movement during shock training.

4) Locate the best groove. Highlight the full line of motion for each exercise.

5) Total concentration. Do not let your mind wander. Always be fixed on the exercise and feel the muscles.
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