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Spicy Food: Fat Loss And Other Health Benefits

Chillies and other spicy foods work in a number of ways to assist fat loss. The simplest but most effective way they do so is by promoting satiety, which means you eat less during the meal and don't reach for snacks a couple of hours later. Another factor is that you are likely to drink more water, and so feel fuller sooner and eat less. Spices can also cause small increases in your metabolic rate, so you burn the fat faster. So there are benefits, but you certainly shouldn't rely on chilli alone to shift your spare tyre - a recent study found that the amount of spicy food typically eaten in a diet was not enough to have any effect on weight loss alone.

According to several researches these are the ten advantages of spicy food:

1 Aid Weight Loss
2 Lower the “bad” Cholesterol levels.
3 Improve Digestion
4 Improve Circulation
5 Prevent Cancer
6 Improve Heart Health
7 Improve Sleep Pattern
8 Improve Healing Rate
9 Improve Mood
10 Promote Better Breathing.
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July 1, 2015 at 2:03 AM

Excellent you are right,spicy foods have long claimed that eating such foods has some health benefits, and many studies seem to suggest that some of these claims may be accurate. Researchers have studied the health benefits of spicy foods in people who which eat them, and the results of studies on specific components of hot foods.

September 22, 2015 at 6:59 AM

Lovely recipe Rach. Easy to make and tasty to eat.

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