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Forget Doping Rules Buy Anabolic Steroids

Using anabolic steroids is illegal in sports, at least when an athlete gets caught using them. Olympic swimmer Jessica Hardy, Olympic boxer Suriya Prasathinphimai and a roster of American footballers probably dont regret using anabolic steroids, at least not as much as they regret getting nabbed. Doping scandals end up in sports headlines every year, and with the growing number of Olympic medalists failing doping tests, the cycle is unlikely to stop in the near future. The prevalence of doping among elite athletes only attests to the physical benefits of steroids.

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Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones that accelerate the synthesis of protein, thus adding more tissue in the body. Through anabolic steroids, athletes are able to gain lean mass and restore their equilibrium immediately after a hard workout. Steroids enable athletes to perform longer while lessening muscle damage and physical stress. These benefits are considered by sports regulating bodies as offensive to the spirit of fair competition. But moral issues aside, the physiological effects of steroids bring a number of benefits, notably enhancement of physique and improved sex life. Contrary to the expectations of many, anabolic steroids are used as a treatment for many diseases, like hormonal deficiency, growth disorder, hypoplastic anemia and genderidentity disorders. Athletes are not concerned with these medical benefits, but the fact that anabolic steroids are not bad per se can be seen as justification of their use for physicalfitness purposes.

Obviously, the ban on anabolic steroids in the sports industry is more of an ethical issue than a health concern. Athletes who use anabolic steroids do not always do so to go beyond the limit of their physical stamina when the real game kicks in. Due to the musclebuilding effects of anabolic steroids, athletes are more than willing to buy them to repair body tissues and increase the pace and intensity of their workouts in preparation for major tournaments. With proper dosage and consultation with medical personnel, anabolic steroids can maximize physical strength and endurance that is otherwise not possible.

Athletes and fitness buffs can buy anabolic steroids without presenting a prescription if they do so via the Internet. In the U.S., Canada and Great Britain, one cannot buy anabolic steroids from pharmacies unless there is a prescription. Beware that possession of steroids without a prescription is a crime in the U.S., punishable by imprisonment. In Canada, possession of steroids without a prescription is not an offense, but buying without a prescription is. In some countries, like Thailand and Mexico, people can purchase anabolic steroids without prescriptions; they can buy steroids online.

Steroids sales abound on the Internet. Many anabolic steroids are made by underground laboratories, but legitimate ones are not hard to find. Testoviron is highly recommended for athletes and bodybuilders; it not only increases muscle mass but also prevents muscle wasting. Because of its long chain of enanthate ester, Testoviron needs to be injected less frequently; there is also less bloating and other side effects. Oxandroxyl from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is also available; it is prescribed for people who need to recover from abnormal weight loss but are sensitive to concentrated steroids. For those who want to replace their bulging fats with lean muscles, Finaplix is worth the money. It promises a leaner physique with its trenbolone acetate, a compound that grows muscle tissues, increases appetite and reduces fat deposit.

There are dozens of equally good steroids for sale out there. Remember to follow your prescriptions and stick with government approved brands. Never take expired steroids and check with your doctors about the medications to be avoided when taking steroids.
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