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Steroid Cycles

There is a great deal to consider if you have thought of entering the bodybuilding industry. We will sort out a few myths and also highlight real facts for being successful with bodybuilding. When using aids to your workout regiment to pump up what was once a pastime to a career there are many things to consider. Steroids are a prime example: there is a lot to know and a lot to be wary of.

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There are many myths when it comes to bodybuilding steroid cycles. Some are completely outlandish while others are half-truths. When it comes down to it, steroids have multiple purposes and forms, and steroid use is not one thing, it is many separate things. Most inaccuracies and myths spring from misconceptions related to illegal steroid use. There are many unhealthy ways to take street steroids, but there are also healthy legal steroids available.

Here are some facts and myths on bodybuilding and steroid cycles:
  • Steroids and BPH (Benign prostrate hyperplasia): It is true there is a risk of BPH during a man's bodybuilding steroid cycle: usually the first one but can be during a post cycle. There is a major danger found in prostate enlargement.
  • Prostate Cancer: It is a myth that steroid use comes with a higher risk of prostate cancer during a bodybuilding steroid cycle. Many used to think that steroids caused a dormant cancer gene to form in the prostate but it is not verified by hard science.
  • Liver Cancer: this however, has been verified by hard science. Steroid abuse may lead to liver cancer because steroid use may damage the liver by getting in the way that livers work. While liver cancer is a reality when it comes to steroids, some ways of taking steroids are safer than others. If you take steroids orally the risk of liver cancer is highest, while injecting steroids is less risky. What is the safest way to avoid liver cancer? The safest way is to use supplements while bodybuilding - the risks are much lower!

Responsible steroid use during bodybuilding steroid cycles can provide many benefits to your physique, and enhance your workout routine. Thoroughly research any supplement you take to ensure that it is right for you, and consult physicians when necessary. Be certain that you take any supplements responsibly, such that all risks are minimized. This will ensure you a much safer and more sustainable bodybuilding career.
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