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Bio-Genetic Muscle Weight Gain System Review

Bio-Genetic Muscle Weight Gain

Although most people feel that they need to lose weight, for some individuals gaining weight is more difficult. This is especially true when the weight you want to gain is muscle. The Bio-Genetic Muscle Weight Gain System is a program that promises muscle weight gain. If you simply increase the amount of calories you consume, you are likely to put on fat. Gaining muscle requires a different method, one that combines exercise and meeting caloric requirements.

Bio-Genetic Muscle Weight Gain System Authors
The authors of “Bio-Genetic Muscle Weight Gain System” are Lee Hayward and Bryan Kernan. Hayward is a well-known competitive bodybuilder, author and winner of the 2007 Heavyweights Classic Bodybuilding Competition. Kernan is a bodybuilder and the author of three books, including “Instant Cuts,” “Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed” and “The Bio-Genetic Weight Gain System.”

How to Judge Your Progress
The program advertises a 25 lb. increase in muscle weight over 12 weeks. As a way to see if the weight you gain is fat or muscle, and therefore prove that the program worked, first determine your starting body fat percentage. The book gives you instructions on how to determine your body fat percentage through the use of calipers. After 12 weeks, assess your body fat percentage again. Your total weight should have increased, but your body fat percentage should be reduced because more of your weight is coming from muscle.

Program Manual and Extras
The program is sold as an 114-page e-book that discusses how to gain muscle weight. As of 2011, the e-book costs $38 and can be ordered online in a PDF format only, although versions for PCs and Macs are available. In addition to the e-book, you also receive eight bonus items as part of the Bio-Genetic Muscle Weight Gain System. These bonuses include “How I Gained Weight Fast With A 'Fool Idea,'" “Simple Food Trick Causes Unexplainable Rapid Weight Gain,” “Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets,” “72 hour Weight Gain Secret,” “How To Get Six Pack Abs,” “When Natural Bodybuilders Need To Gain Weight Fast This Is What They Do,” “The Key Secret To Gaining Weight” and “Bodybuilding Recipes and Resources.”

Bio-Genetic Muscle Weight Gain System Exercises
The e-book includes a comprehensive workout program for building muscle. The exercise plan is broken up into three phases. Both pictures and descriptions of the exercises are included. You'll find traditional weight lifting exercises included, such as squats, dead lifts and bench presses. In fact, the book emphasizes dead lifts and squats with the ultimate goal being that you can squat with 1.5 times your bodyweight for 20 repetitions, according to

Bio-Genetic Muscle Weight Gain System Diet
The book stresses diet as the most important aspect of gaining weight, with an emphasis on the adequate consumption of calories. Some dietary guidelines recommended by the program include a list of nine "anabolically charged natural foods" for muscle gain and 53 foods that stimulate the release of a muscle-growth hormone. There is a heavy emphasis on supplements, however, which may or may not appeal to some readers, as supplements are expensive and it can be quite time-consuming to remember to take them consistently.

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