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Tuna - A Bodybuilder’s Essential Protein Source

tuna steak

Tuna is a staple of the bodybuilder’s diet. It is convenient and easy to prepare. It can be eaten plain or mixed to make tuna salad. It can be used as a side for other dishes or a meal in itself. The main reason it is such a popular choice for bodybuilders is its protein content. Like other fish it is high in protein and offers some good oils, as well. The problem for many bodybuilders is how to shake things up and make that tuna a little more exciting.

Most serious bodybuilders would eat cardboard and dirt if it would enhance their diet and contribute to muscle repair and building. Taste is not a huge consideration. How the food affects the body is more important. But, if you can have a high protein food source, like tuna, and taste too, that’s a great deal.

Plain tuna can get old fast. Mixing it with mayonnaise may add some flavor and variety, but even that can get tiring quickly. Tuna steaks add a refreshing twist and can be prepared several ways to spice up the entrée. Canned tuna is most often eaten in its “raw” state.

Mixing the tuna with mayonnaise, adding some dill spice, a little oregano, and a touch of vinegar gives the tuna a little kick that will spice things up. Mixing with mayonnaise and mustard together also changes the flavor slightly. Mixing celery pieces, along with the mayonnaise adds some crunch without excess calories. Tuna with barbecue sauce adds an interesting twang to the taste. Along the same lines, tuna can be marinated in teriyaki, Jamaican jerk, or buffalo sauce for a change of pace.

Tuna companies have begun to put out flavored tuna to catch more consumers. Lemon pepper, sweet and spicy, and even smoked flavor tuna can be found on the shelves of the grocery store. These flavorings take the edge of the tuna flavor but do not add unnecessary calories.

Mixing this tuna with mayonnaise and eating it on whole grain rye crackers makes a great high protein snack choice.

Tuna can be eaten in sandwich form if you have room for the bread in your diet plan. A tuna wrap made with a high fiber wrap might be the answer for off-setting the bread. Tuna can be formed, breaded with a low calorie breading, and baked as fish filets. Tuna added to salad helps to increase the complex carbohydrate and fiber intake while adding necessary protein to the diet.

No matter whether you choose pre-flavored tuna or add your own flavoring, tuna is a great protein source for bodybuilders. The imagination is the limit. If you like a particular flavoring or spice, try it with tuna and see if it works. Tuna is a great protein source, but if you have to force it down it will begin to lose popularity and eventually be dropped from your diet all together. Finding new ways of preparing it will keep the taste buds guessing and avoid stagnation in the diet. Remember to only add flavorings or mixes that do not add a lot of excess calories, fats or sugars. Now, grab that can of tuna and your favorite flavoring and enjoy some muscle-feeding protein.
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