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Recent Bodybuilding Articles

Plyometrics Using Weighted Vests

plyometrics weighted vests
If you have never heard of plyometrics, don’t think you are the only one. To be honest with you, the term is pretty new to me too! I mean, I’ve done plenty of plyometric exercising while I was in the Military, I just never knew that wearing weighted vests while exercising was called plyometrics.

Basically, plyometrics involves wearing a weighted training vest while exercising. The exercises usually involve quick actions, such as jumping or lunging, while repeating the movement quickly over-and-over again. The repetitively quick actions cause the muscles to contract rapidly.

While I served in the Military, we wore our protective vests a lot (both deployed and otherwise). We would train in our vests, run in our vests, and even sleep in our vests. I’m sure the leadership didn’t know it then, but the fact that we were wearing our vests was building our strength and muscles in ways that old-fashioned exercising and weight lifting couldn’t. Maybe thats why our bodies were able to handle such a physical beating day in and day out.

If you are an athlete of any sport, chances are, plyometrics can help you. Currently, professional basketball players, mixed martial artists, swimmers, and many other types of athletes use weighted vests to build their jumping ability, their fighting ability, and swimming ability. Not only are their muscles becoming strengthened, but their bodies are building endurance!

If you would like to learn more about plyometrics, you should check out Jumping Into Plyometrics by Dr Donald A. Chu. Inside, his book, you will be able to learn much more than a small blog post can tell you about training with a vest. The book is definitely geared towards athletes, but the exercises inside can be used by the average, every day joe or jane who wants to build their muscle strength and endurance.

The good thing about this kind of training is that you don’t necessarily have to be doing anything at all to get results. You can wear a small weighted vest during your day-to-day activities (walking, working, etc), and still get some results. Of course, the results will be much better though if you actually follow a plyometrics workout.

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Improving Leg Strength

Many people seeking to improve their fitness focus exclusively on cardiovascular activities and/or upper-body strength. However, lower body training is often neglected. This is a shame as muscular strength in one’s legs can yield numerous benefits. Before you begin a lower body exercise program, though, you should have appropriate knowledge of the subject and also consult a qualified health professional.

improving leg strength

Leg Strength for Aging Individuals

Lower body training is also ideal for older individuals who are at risk of serious injury from falling and bone fractures. It improves overall balance, which means greater confidence in daily activities and a lessened likelihood of falling down. Furthermore, a study conducted by Deakin University in 2002 showed elderly individuals with greater leg strength showed markedly improved mobility. Those with better muscle strength also showed decreased knee and hip injuries.

As knee and hip injuries are the most common lower body ailments affecting seniors, important strength exercises focus on these areas. For knees, leg curls provide the most benefit with the lowest risk of injury. Similarly, side leg extensions or the use of a hip adductor machine are great for preventing hip injuries.

Leg Strength for Runners

Athletes who participate in running events also reap significant benefits from lower body strength training. Stronger leg muscles require less energy to keep a runner in motion. Therefore, runners with greater lower body strength report having increased stamina. Additionally, lower body strength training can reduce the risk of being injured while running. Specifically, runners need to have strong ankles, knees, and hips in order to stay active and healthy.

Taking the Stairs

One of the easiest ways to improve lower body strength is to climb several flights of stairs each day. The energy required for climbing steps comes almost exclusively from the legs. To improve the effects of stair climbing, try only using every other stair. This forces the body to perform a lunging movement, which can increase upper-leg strength.

Most Popular Lower Body Exercises

Among the most popular leg strengthening exercises are lunges, calf raises, and squats. Both of these moves can be performed using just your body weight. This makes them easy to do even without access to a gym or other fitness facility. However, both moves can also have weight added to increase difficulty.

Meanwhile, other lower body exercises are commonly performed using specialized gym equipment. These include leg curls, leg extensions, and leg presses. Leg curls focus mainly on the hamstring muscles, while leg extensions focus on quadriceps. Leg presses utilize all of these muscle groups in a single motion, making them a great addition to a lower body workout.

Training One Leg at a Time

Although many exercises call for both legs to be utilized, many trainers recommend focusing on one side at a time. Performing exercises on one leg improves a person’s balance and can help prevent injuries. Single-leg training is also especially important for runners, who must rely on each leg individually. The power for each stride uses only one leg at a time during the normal course of running.

One of the best single-leg exercises is the “step up.” This move requires you to step on and off of a small bench. Sets are alternated between steps with the right leg and steps with the left. Over time, weights held in the hands can be added to make the step ups more challenging. Single-leg dead lifts are also great exercises, which work the backs of your legs while improving posture and balance.

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Teens and Steroids – Alternatives

steroids alternatives

Teenagers who understand or are at least aware of the potential dangers of taking anabolic steroids (including the possible legal repercussions) to improve their athletic performance and enhance their appearance tend to look into the potential alternatives because they think these alternatives are safe. Here is a low down on some of the alternatives out there:


Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is necessary for the human body to function properly – in short, it helps bring energy to the muscles in the body. The body does produce creatine, but it can also be supplied to the body from various food sources. It is possible that creatine will increase muscle mass and it has been shown to help increase athletic performance for those participating in sports that require short-term spurts of action – including benefits for football players, track participants and power lifters. On the same note, studies have shown that creatine has not been successful in helping athletes increase their endurance.

Creatine hasn’t been thoroughly studied to determine the full extent of possible side effects on teenagers. Additionally, creatine is not regulated, so anyone who buys creatine is taking a risk because there is no way to determine its purity, what doses are safe and effective and what regimens are appropriate. Some side effects of creatine include abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, water retention and muscle cramping and straining. Studies have also shown a possibility of high doses leading to liver, kidney and heart problems. When teenagers supplement their body’s natural creatine levels, the body may stop naturally producing creatine – which may have detrimental effects on children and teenagers who are not yet finished growing.


Dehydroepiandrosterone, referred to as a steroid precursor along with several other drugs (the others ones are illegal without a prescription) is related to the hormones testosterone and estrogen and is often marketed as a nutritional supplement that can increase muscle performance and appearance as well as treat depression and reduce the risk of heart disease. It is a naturally occurring substance in the human body and it’s also often marketed as a safe alternative to anabolic steroids.

Some of the side effects associated with DHEA are similar to those of anabolic steroids including increased types of cancer and excessive hair growth in women and gynocomastia in men.


Ephedra, a plant derivative, is marketing as both a weight loss tool as well as a performance enhancer. It is also often used to reduce fatigue and increase alertness. It works by stimulating the central nervous system and has been proven to actually help treat certain types of asthma because it is also a decongestant. The drawback to using ephedra, however, is that is increases the heart rate and blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Because these drugs are often marketed as nutritionally supplements, teenagers often think they are safe to use (especially compared to anabolic steroids). Teenagers are also often looking for a “quick fix” to help them look better and perform better when it comes to sports.

Teenagers who want increase their appearance and athletic performance would be better off doing things naturally. This includes finding an age appropriate exercise regimen as well as an age appropriate nutrition program. Additionally, teenagers need to make sure they get enough sleep to give their body time to recover, avoid tobacco and other drugs and consult with a coach, trainer and a nutritionist to get on a healthy plan.

How to Gain Weight and to Build Muscles Fast

I welcome all readers of World Bodybuilding Blog. My name is Mike, I am 25 years old and today I want to share my own story that might be interesting to all the athletes who face problems with mass gain.

I gained a solid 25 pounds of rock-hard muscle in 45 days doing something you could easily be doing yourself, following 5 simple principles!

Getting big. Bulking up. Gaining 15 or 20 pounds of muscle fast. That’s a problem I faced as a teenager and as a young man and so have a lot of other underweight guys.

I’ve always had a tough time gaining weight. At the age of 18 I was so skinny that most people assumed I was a 14 year old. I was 5′ 8″ tall and weighed a whopping 119 lbs.

It was a major embarrassment for me. I’d always been underweight though. I recall wearing suspenders in grade school, because I couldn’t find a belt small enough to hold my pants up! In the summer as a child I never wore shorts, no matter how hot the temperature, because of my “skinny bird legs.”

At the age of 21 I became desperate to gain weight!

When I turned 21 years of age and at 5′ 10″ I weighed just 139 lbs. I realized that I’d have to do something drastic to gain weight. Obviously, Mother nature wasn’t on my side. In fact I later discovered she’d worked against me all along. Still I wanted to be bigger.
So to gain weight I:
  • tried all the supplements just short of anabolic steroids
  • subscribed to all the “Muscle” magazines
  • pounded down pitchers of weight gain protein shakes
  • bought all the books and encyclopedias I could find related to bodybuilding and gaining weight
  • worked out six times a week, often twice a day
  • tried all of the top bodybuilding routines.. i.e. , super sets, giant sets, etc.
  • tried meditation and self hypnosis

You name it, I tried it. And after 2 years, still no measurable results. I gained a few pounds here and there, but I still felt thin. Plus I’d wasted a lot of time and money on training programs and supplements that just didn’t work.

Finally, I Consulted The Experts For Help!

I talked to my doctor, personal trainers, fitness gurus, dieticians, etc. all who kindly explained to me that an individual’s weight is determined by genetics. According to the experts, there are 3 body types (somoatypes) that you may inherit from your parents.

ectomorph mesomorph endomorph

Ectomorph - Naturally thin slender build. Has a difficult time gaining weight and putting on muscle i.e. the typical hard gainer.
Endomorph - Naturally heavy and robust with a strong tendency toward obesity.
Mesomorph - Naturally muscular and lean. Characterized by great strength and the ability to put on lean muscle, fast.

The experts claim you cannot change your genetics. You have to live with it. To this I said !@#$%^&*. I did not buy it for one minute, because I believe with the right strategy you can improve anything in your life, including your physique.

Lucky for me and you too, because I finally discovered a totally natural way to pack on muscle in a short period of time. I am talking just a few months…not a few years… all without steroids or other dangerous drugs.

After over 4 years of trial and error, I developed a weight gaining, muscle building program for skinny people that works and works fast. After all, who wants to wait years for results right? Who wants to be skinny forever? The weight gaining muscle building program I referring to, literally transformed my so-called hard gainer physique into something I could be proud of.

The first picture shows me in a high state of overtraining. I was working out like crazy and although I was pretty strong for my size, I was still way too skinny as I’m sure you’ll agree.

My intentions were good but the manner in which I was training was totally unproductive for my body type, that of a hard gainer.  After I began applying the training principles I started making radical changes in my physique almost overnight.

In fact, most people thought I was on the “juice” or at least creatine. Sorry guys, I’m not using Danabol, Winstrol steroids, Testosterone Proprianate, Deca Nandrolone or other anabolic steroid drugs. I do not even use creatine.

Yet my physique looks better than most of the guys in the who are taking who knows what. Also my friends and family couldn’t believe the dramatic changes I had made.

Not to mention the effect that my new muscular body had on women (This was my initial motivation! Maybe yours too!) My formula is tried, tested and proven to work. You do not, I repeat, do not need the genetics of a barbarian or a hulk to gain weight and build muscles. What you need is a weight gaining strategy specifically designed for the so-called hard gainer. My formula for gaining weight and muscles is just the strategy you need!

In fact, I gained 25 pounds of muscle in just 9 weeks while putting in a fraction of the training time anyone else in the gym did.
Also, most of my workouts were conducted in 45 minutes using only barbells, dumbbells and a simple weight bench. No need for fancy equipment with pulleys and cables. You see, it’s not the gym equipment, fancy routines, or bizarre diets that build muscles and put weight on you.

No, if you are skinny and have difficulty gaining weight and building muscles, then you must have a program designed just for your body type.
If you:
  • Are skinny.
  • Are underweight.
  • Feel apprehensive in public.
  • Hate the way you look in your clothes.
  • Are tired of being pushed around.
  • Are tired of being underestimated and overlooked.
  • Are lacking in self confidence or self esteem that a strong healthy body would give you.
And if you want to:
  • Become more muscular
  • Look good in your clothes
  • Turn the heads of attractive women
  • Feel confident about yourself
  • Feel strong and healthy
  • Increase your self esteem and self confidence
  • Get an edge on life that an attractive powerful physique can give you
  • Build a great body safely and without the use of anabolic steroids and other dangerous drugs

Then you’ve got to have my weight gaining system.
What I ultimately learned through my trial and error was that if you are a skinny guy, a hard gainer, then you must train and eat differently than the Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia types. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and money at the gym.

Here’s  A Fact For You: Over 85% of the information available today about gaining weight and muscle mass is written by people who gain weight and build muscles easily. The average routines and diet programs you will find in the bodybuilding magazines or on the shelf at Barnes & Noble are designed by and for the naturally big and strong.

You cannot ask Mr. Universe how to eat and train as if he were a hard gainer type. He does not have any idea how you should train. His methods and advice will not work for the hard gainer.

A good analogy would be asking a plumber how to repair an automobile. Auto mechanics is not a plumbers specialty, so although possessing plumbing skills, he cannot give accurate information regarding automotive repairs. Any advice he offers should thus be taken with a grain of salt. The same is true when a hard gainer adapts the training principles of an easy gainer. It just does not work.

In order for the hard gainer to put on weight and build muscle you must first understand the key principles about your metabolism and physiology.

The hard gainer (Ectomorph) is usually characterized by 3 physiological components:
  1. A very high metabolic rate – quickly burns up caloric intake.
  2. Lower energy reserves – lowered endurance and energy reserves.
  3. A less effective recovery system – recuperates and rebuilds tissue at a slower rate.

The “only way” the hard gainer will put on weight and gain muscle mass is through a strategy that effectively controls these 3 variables. The weight gaining strategy must counteract the 3 variables listed above. Nothing short of this will be effective at quick weight gain, or any measurable weight gain for that matter.

The Principles of How to Gain Weight & Build Muscle Fast!

Regarding variable number 1, the fact that the hard gainer burns up or metabolizes nutrients so quickly, demands a higher caloric intake. Simply put, you must EAT LIKE CRAZY to overcome your high metabolic rate! Still, there is more to nutrition than calories. Most of athletes think that to gain muscles realy fast you have to stack Dianabol with Deca Durabolin or Sustanon (testosterone). What can i say you for sure, anabolic steroids play a much smaller role than nutrition and exercise routine.

If you eat cake, ice cream, and beer everyday you’ll probably gain weight. However, your appearance will most likely be not what you have in mind. One more thing. The timing of your meals is also very important. Eat at the wrong time and your body cannot properly absorb the nutrients so critical to muscle growth.

Understanding variable number 2 is crucial. If you have read any of the recent and or popular theories about building muscles, you will find that a lot of the routines suggest high volume training. More and more sets. More and even more repetitions.
Training in this manner is great for building endurance and strength to a degree, but it will not put weight on the hard gainer. In fact, you will get just the opposite of your intended results. Moreover, you run the risk of injury.

To effectively build muscle mass and gain weight requires high intensity short duration workouts. The workouts ideally should last no longer than 25 to 35  minutes. The objective is to fully exhaust the muscles with heavy weights in a short period of time and then stop the workout. Trying to do to much will easily lead to overtraining the ectomorphic physique.

Variable number 3, although last, is still of vital importance. The hard gainer has less recuperative powers. Therefore getting proper rest is vital to your success. During workouts, your muscles are broken down (micro-trauma.)

Hey, this is what progressive resistance training is all about…right? Ultimately, however, the workouts are not directly responsible for building muscle and gaining weight. The exercises are just a means to the end. It is during periods of rest and recuperation that the body rebuilds muscle and gains weight.

You should arrange you life to provide yourself with ample time to recuperate. Remember, growth, rebuilding, and weight gain take place only during periods of rest.

And also it remember the high role of your mind in achieving your success. Because the mind is the deciding factor in any human undertaking I want you to take full advantage of the marvelous power of your own mind to reach your weight gaining goals. You have to motivate yourself each day, set and achieve the physical goals of your choice, build confidence and a winning attitude, harness your willpower to help you effortlessly move forward with your program.

Bodybuilding Competition Posing Rounds

Prejudging - Morning Show

Each contestant is evaluated at prejudging in three different rounds. Rounds "1" and "2" have sometimes been interchanged in more recent competitions.

Round 1 (Semi-Relaxed Poses)

Contestants are viewed from the:
  • Front
  • Back
  • Both sides
  • Arms down to the sides
Proportion and symmetry are closely evaluated in this round.

This round, also known as the “symmetry round”, is where you will make your first impression on the judges. Many people spend countless hours practicing the compulsory poses and far less time on the “relaxed” poses. Big mistake! There is nothing “relaxed” about this round, if you fail to prepare for it than you are likely in for a rude awakening. You have to come out hard and confident, with the endurance to hold these poses for an extended period of time. Expect to sweat, and expect to be sore afterward.

The judges will use this time to evaluate the symmetry of your physique, critiquing the size, definition and proportion of the various muscle groups in relation to each other as well as the overall physique. Your physique should be balanced with no one muscle group overpowering another. Therefore, when training for a bodybuilding competition, do not neglect any lagging body parts as this will come back to haunt you on competition day.

You will likely be in the back pumping room when the head judge calls your group on stage. Listen for the call and do not be late. Athletes who rush out unprepared or late will likely have their scores lowered. Don’t let this happen to you! Walk out on time, confident, head up, and flexed. Your group will be spread evenly across the stage at which time you should immediately assume the “front standing relaxed” position. Though the front standing relaxed pose is not one of the “compulsory” poses, it is the pose that you will return to after every pose in the compulsory round, so be sure to practice holding this pose for extended periods of time. Avoid direct or prolonged eye contact with the judges. You will be evaluated by multiple judges who will not all be viewing you at the same time, therefore it is important that you DO NOT RELAX!. The moment that you drop your guard may be the moment that a judge is looking at you.

After the initial evaluation, the head judge will call for a quarter turn to the right, followed by two additional quarter turns. This will allow the judges to evaluate your physique from the front, left, back and right sides. In the fourth quarter turn, you will return to the front standing relaxed position.

Round 2 (Compulsory Poses)

Contestants are viewed in seven or more mandatory poses:
  • Front double biceps
  • Rear double biceps
  • Front lat spread
  • Rear lat spread
  • Side chest
  • Side triceps
  • Front Abdominal (thigh extended)
  • Most muscular pose
  • Other requested by judges
  • Other auxiliary poses requested by judges
Mass and definition are closely evaluated in this round.

front double bicep
Front Double Bicep

rear double biceps
Rear Double Biceps

side triceps
Side Triceps

front abdominal - thigh extended
Front Abdominal - Thigh Extended

Round 3 (Free Posing)

Contestants are allowed sixty seconds to go through their individual posing routines without music.

All components including stage presentation are evaluated during this round.

Evening Show

Before the evening show, all contestants have already been placed except for the overall winners from each weight class.

Free posing to music.

The evening show allows the contestant to show their friends and audience what competitive bodybuilding is all about. Each contestant is given ninety seconds to perform their individual routine to the music of their choice.


The top contestants within each weight class are allowed to present their be poses to the audience before the placing is announced.

Overall Posedown

The winners from each weight class are brought back through rounds "1" and "2" of the prejudging to determine the overall winner. They are once again allowed to present their best poses to the audience and judges in attempt to "out show" the others. The overall winner is announced.

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Water - Bodybuilding Diets

Water - Important in Bodybuilding Diets

sylvester stallone
You'll find hundreds of bodybuilding diets with many different opinions on what constitutes the best bodybuilding diets. But for every article and professional you find touting the benefits of a particular diet program, you'll likely find someone to refute those ideas. So how do you decide? Should you eat lots of carbs or work to avoid them? Can fat really burn fat to create muscle? And what's all the hoopla about water?

The bottom line regarding bodybuilding diets is that you have to eat and drink smart with an eye toward consuming those foods and drinks that are good for you. But what does that really mean? Unfortunately, there are no magic bodybuilding diets and it's the opinion of some that these are no different than any other diet program - what works for some won't work for all.

Water consumption has long been touted as a way to lose weight, but the reasons it supposedly works differs from one program to another.

This is no less true of those who tout the positive effects of drinking one, two, three or more gallons of water a day as part of bodybuilding diets. The most common idea seems to be that you fill yourself up with water so that you don't eat as much. That will work to a degree, but it still takes a lot of will power not to head to the fridge for chocolate ice cream after the water leaves your tummy growling.

Whether it's bodybuilding diets or you're simply looking for ways to get healthier, there's no doubt that water is good for you. Here are some tips and facts that will reinforce this:

Water is natural. Even if you're drinking tap water, there are no artificial colors, preservatives, sugar or other "things" you get from sodas and sports drinks. Consuming natural and healthy foods and drinks is a solid basis for any bodybuilding diets. Choose water with your meals and be sure you drink an entire glass while you eat.

Perhaps just as important to bodybuilders is the fact that many beauty consultants tout the natural power of water to keep your skin looking young and healthy. As a bodybuilder, you're going to be showing off a large amount of skin on a regular basis. What better reason to drink water as part of your bodybuilding diets?

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Bodybuilding Routines

Taped Bodybuilding Routines - An Inexpensive Option

Bodybuilding routines are necessary for achieving the goals of most bodybuilders. But "routine" doesn't have to be synonymous with "boring." And you don't have to spend a fortune to find quality bodybuilding routines that work.

Think the only way to get bodybuilding routines is to hire a trainer? Though a personal trainer is a good idea, there's no doubt that there are other options out there. Taped bodybuilding routines are one of those that require a significantly smaller investment than a personal trainer, but you don't have to be bored by the time the tape has played through the second time.

One way to get some variation is to purchase several bodybuilding workouts on tape. Be sure that they all work together because focusing on specific areas of the body and ignoring all others won't give you a solid full body workout. On the other hand, having a series of tapes that focus on different parts of the body can be a way for you to have different bodybuilding routines from day to day.

Using the bodybuilding routines on tape for a few weeks, then creating your own routines for a while is another way to get some variety. You can change the order you do drills and exercises, do your bodybuilding routines to your favorite music, listen to books on tape or watch television.

Even adding variety to keep your exercise regimen exciting, there's something to be said for "routine." Many people report that they simply feel better if they get up an hour early and do some exercises before work. The same may be true of your bodybuilding routines. It may not work out for you to do your bodybuilding routines in the morning, but evenings may be better. Whatever works out best is okay, as long as you're getting the routines accomplished on a regular basis.

Bodybuilding routines do require a certain amount of routine regimen to be successful. If you find you can't keep up a specific routine, it may be time to lower your level of exercise a bit and adjust your goals. The most important thing is to set and maintain routines to the level that accomplishes your goals.

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Bodybuilding Nutrition

Stable Diet Plans Are the Best Bodybuilding Nutrition

bodybuilding nutrition
Bodybuilding nutrition is almost as important as bodybuilding exercises, and your commitment to this aspect of your bodybuilding training can't be any less than to your daily exercising. While there are hundreds of schools of thought on what constitutes the best bodybuilding nutrition, one fact is certain - you have to find the plan that works for you and stick with it.

Finding an overall bodybuilding nutrition schedule that you can stick with is important. Just like other aspects of your bodybuilding routine, this can't be something that's so difficult or time consuming that you grow bored with it and simply quit.

Another vital point to consider is whether the bodybuilding nutrition plan you're considering is a tried and true method or something that's going to turn out to be a waste of time. Carefully consider the merits of a nutrition plan before you jump on board. For example, there are plenty of folks who ran out and invested in grapefruit groves when the fad of eating only grapefruit arrived. There have been dozens of similar diets that seemed like a good idea but didn't pass the test of time. One of the most recent examples is carbohydrates. At first, dieters counted carbs or eliminated every carb from their daily intake. Then the idea surfaced that not all carbs are created equal - some may not be nearly as bad for you as others. The end result is still being debated, but it serves as another example of good ideas that later come under fire.

You'll find information about bodybuilding, including bodybuilding nutrition, at You'll find information about water intake as part of bodybuilding nutrition at You can look over a series of tips about bodybuilding nutrition at where you'll even find a forum to discuss your questions with others.

One fact about bodybuilding nutrition can't be disputed - the diet is never so important as in the weeks or even months leading up to competitions, for several reasons. Naturally you want to be in the best condition possible, but perhaps just as importantly is your ability to pass any substance screening tests that may be administered. Many competitions have strict rules about what you can have consumed and what constitutes a prohibited substance.

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Bodybuilding Workouts

Bodybuilding Workouts - Find What Works

Bodybuilding workouts - just the words are enough to make some people droop with fatigue. Not because the workouts themselves are so difficult, but because of the sheer tedium sometimes associated with bodybuilding workouts. In fact, this is one of the most commonly cited problems with exercise routines of all kinds - the routine that turns into drudgery. But what can you do?

bodybuilding workouts

There's no doubt that some exercises are just going to be necessary. And there's going to be some amount of routine in your bodybuilding workouts. But there is also some room to make your time more enjoyable.

Start by thinking back to the reason that you started bodybuilding workouts in the first place. Were you just out of shape? Had you seen some photos or a live competition that prompted you to start your program? Whatever it was that first sparked your interest should continue to play a role in your bodybuilding workouts. It's said that a famous writer posted his bills on the wall above his desk to remind himself that he'd rather write than to go get some other job in order to meet those obligations. The same concept can work for you.

If you have photos of yourself along your path to an excellent body, post those photos. If you're inspired by others who have achieved incredible results, posters and photos of those people near your exercise area may be a good incentive to keep up the work. Make a list of goals that you hope to accomplish from your bodybuilding workouts. It may be as simple as "walk the dog without getting winded" or as detailed as "win the Muscle Monster Man of the Century Competition." Keep at least some of the goals realistic so that you can check them off as you get there.

Music or television may be a good way to make bodybuilding workouts more fun. You might find a partner to workout with (this may also keep you honest in honoring your bodybuilding workout commitments).

It's only natural to get bored with routines that no longer hold your interest. Finding ways to keep your bodybuilding workouts fun and exciting will help you stay with your program, even when results seem to be lagging.

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Bodybuilding Training

Setting the Limits on Bodybuilding Training

Bodybuilding training takes up significant time and effort. The money spent on training equipment and personal trainers can be significant. But at the end of the road, you've got an awesome body. Is it worth the trip? That's a personal decision, but there are some things you should consider along the way.

Bodybuilding training is a commitment, but you can alter that commitment. It's not written in stone that you set a level of training at a certain point and that's the point you'll have to train to for the rest of your life. Any training you do isn't wasted, even if you never go to a competition. And backing off your training at some point also doesn't mean that you've wasted time.

How high or low constitutes a "reasonable" goal? Thank goodness that's an individual decision that each person gets to make for him or herself!

If you are one of those people who never does anything half way, you're probably going to set yourself some pretty high goals for your bodybuilding training. That's fine as long as those goals are reasonable for you. Remember that what works for one person may very well be out of the realm of possibility for another, so don't let someone else dictate what you can and can't accomplish.

Like any exercise program, your bodybuilding training regimen may be nothing at all like you expected. You may find that you don't have the drive to commit two hours a day to the training as you'd planned. By the same token, you may find only marginal results from five hours a week and increasing the time you spend on bodybuilding training may be necessary. Keep your options as open as possible.

Bodybuilding training may be adjusted to accommodate the older and younger members of your household to make the sport a family event. Many organizations offer competition and resources for both male and female, for the younger and older bodybuilders, for amateurs, and for those with disabilities or physical limitations.

Finally, remember that you're only going to get out of bodybuilding training what you're able and willing to put into it.

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Natural Bodybuilding

Using Natural Bodybuilding Techniques - Find the Support You Need

Natural bodybuilding has been around for some time and has gained a fairly extensive following. There are some advantages of natural bodybuilding over some other bodybuilding programs, but it doesn't mean that you should throw caution to the wind.

natural bodybuilding

Start by realizing that your body has some limits. Even if the program falls in the category of "natural bodybuilding," you have to be smart about your regimen. Just because it's called natural bodybuilding it doesn't mean that you can't harm your body. Most natural bodybuilding programs take into account that the most effective plans are those that make changes over time and help maintain them. Still, the ultimate responsibility for taking care of yourself even while you're involved in a natural bodybuilding program is your own.

Just because it's called "natural bodybuilding" doesn't mean it's for wimps or that you're going to get second-rate results. Natural bodybuilding is like most bodybuilding programs in that what you get out of it depends on the effort you put in. Even the most tried and tested bodybuilding program won't change a thing if you don't use it.

You'll find information about natural bodybuilding at hundreds of online sites, but you may want to start at This site touts its standing as the official website for natural bodybuilding and doesn't just offer facts about natural bodybuilding programs. You'll also find dates, locations and other information about natural bodybuilding competitions.

Among the most important information about natural bodybuilding is a list of rules that apply to anyone planning to enter the official natural bodybuilding contests. As is true of any bodybuilding competition, participants are judged on symmetry, presentation and definition, among other factors. While you don't have to participate in any particular natural bodybuilding program, participants are tested for specific substances that may be common in some other bodybuilding programs.

You'll also find that there are natural bodybuilding competition trials for those with disabilities and for the younger set. The focus of all aspects of competition is on training the body using a natural approach.

Combined with a practical approach, natural bodybuilding is a great plan for most people. But you should talk with your doctor before you embark on major changes in your lifestyle, especially if you have existing health issues.

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Bodybuilding Pictures

Bodybuilding pictures are typically done in some pretty specific poses, but there's more to creating great bodybuilding pictures than simply having the bodybuilder flex those muscles and snapping the photo. In fact, if you take a look at some examples of bodybuilding pictures available online, you'll find that some of the ways to make the most of photo opportunities are pretty evident and self-explanatory.

bodybuilding pictures

You'll find some useful tips for taking bodybuilding pictures at The purpose of this site is to use those photos for evaluating your own progress as a bodybuilder, but you'll also find some tips that are great for taking great photos of bodybuilders for any purpose.

One of the tips at this site is to take bodybuilding pictures before the subject eats so that the stomach isn't distended from food consumption. Another point is to shave the body hair so that the hair doesn't detract from the rippled muscles. This is true for both men and women.

Other tips for taking great bodybuilding pictures are evident by studying the photos you wish to imitate. For example, bronzed bodies either from natural tans or from body coloring add to the muscled-up effect, as does oil on the body. While that's the choice of the bodybuilder, the person taking bodybuilding pictures can make those suggestions, along with posing the bodybuilders for the best effect.

Don't overlook the importance of lighting if you're taking bodybuilding pictures. While it may seem to be something you can't control in large stadiums or other bodybuilding arenas, take time to experiment with your camera in similarly-lighted areas. Figure out how to make the most of your flash and the light available. For some purposes, bodybuilding pictures can't be digitally enhanced at all, meaning you can't even lighten photos. Know the rules if you're taking the bodybuilding pictures for contests or display.

Finding bodybuilding pictures online is pretty simple, but you need to start your search realizing that you can find some pretty racy poses. With that in mind, it's a good idea to screen bodybuilding pictures before you allow the younger members of your household start their own search.

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Natural HGH Supplement

HGH is all over the news nowadays. If you take out the newspapers, you will see that it has been quite a time since the newspapers are discussing the issue. It is always on the newspaper, and there is much propaganda about it. Wise are those who have minds of their own. You should not believe the propaganda of the media regarding the HGH, word by word. You may do as much of the research as you can to find out the truth, as research is the best way to build an opinion.

Now, what actually is HGH? HGH is actually a hormone that is produced naturally inside every human body. This hormone is actually manufactured in a gland in our body, which is known as the pituitary gland. From this gland, this human growth hormone is secreted and then transported to all the parts and organs of the body. Every organ gets its share equal to the share of every other part. From when it reaches all the parts, it starts functioning. It has tremendously great number of functions. The major function that this hormone does and from where it gets its name is the assistance it does in human growth. It accelerates the human growth speed. Apart from this, it also energizes our body, keeps us away from the aging signs and heals up our muscles during strenuous exercises.

This HGH is very important and so we can not bear the scarcity of this hormone when we grow old or when we do strenuous exercises in fact we need more of it. Yes, this human growth hormone is produced inside the human body in a very low amount, much lower than the amount that is needed by the body, and when we get old or do strenuous exercise, the production does not fulfill our requirements, and it is then we go for the HGH supplements. Now, you should have understood why it is important for athletes to take those HGH supplements.

However, I am not defending the athletes, as they are at wrong. Yes, we understand that there is a need of the boost in the production level of human growth hormone for them but it does not mean that they should take those injections that end up ruining their lives. Rather, they should have taken the natural HGH supplement, as it is the best they could have done.

Genotropin HGH supplement is safe from all side effects and is cent percent legal as it is made from all the proteins that you can find in your daily meal. It contains no harmful chemicals that may artificially boost the level of human growth hormone. Natural HGH supplement has proteins that stimulate the production of the hormone from time to time. so, it does not induce any risk or damage to your health.


Learn More About Steroid Use

about steroid use

To a person who may not really understand what steroids are, they are simply defined as organic substances that cause various effects in the body of a human being. They are quite strong since immediately you begin using them you will experience various changes happening to your body within a span of a few days.

These steroids are not limited to particular functions, since they can be used in healthcare as treatments for various ailments and also used to minimize inflammations. It has also proven to be quite useful to asthma patients as it can be inhaled thereby preventing asthma deaths.

There are various steroid products available in the market and are able to work in various ways. These steroids are also administered in the body in different ways. Some are taken orally while others are injected into the body.

Steroid injections help in treating painful and swollen joints and ligaments.

Steroid creams on the hand are mainly used to treat eczema as well as other skin diseases. When taken steroids are known to reduce the activeness of an immune system, this is very important when dealing with illnesses that have something to do with the immune system.

Always avoid overdosing on steroids since the side effects are much worse compared to what you are trying to treat. The use should be monitored by a medical practitioner due to the severe side effects that may arise as a result of an overdose or side effects that may come up by simply using it even in the correct amount. This is the main reason as to why steroids are used in very small quantities when it comes to being used as an ingredient when making sprays and creams.

Steroids can be used for various reasons. As earlier mentioned it can be used to treat various aliments as well as improve and boost the performance of athletes.

When it comes to body builders they can use steroids to develop and increase muscle growth. There are also steroids for bodybuilding which help in increasing testosterone levels. This hormone is very important since it helps to regulate bone mass, fat distribution and increase strength levels amongst other things. Out of all the different types of steroids natural anabolic steroids are the best since they are made from natural ingredients hence no side effects. They mostly influence metabolism, resistance to diseases and muscle.

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Things to Know on Body Building Supplements


Men and women who are health fanatics are willing to take any reasonable steps to get a stronger and better looking body. They are ready to take specialized foods, do physical work outs and follow a strict regime to maintain good body shape and structure. Since ancient times strong and powerful people are admired. Evolution demands that only the fittest of the spices survives. In this modern age of technology and science, body shaping is an art based on proven science. Sports persons, film actors, stunts people and physically active men and women need a healthy body. These people are assisted in their endeavor by coaches, dietitians, doctors, nutrition specialists and physical fitness experts.

 A healthy body begins with a healthy diet. A carefully planned diet helps a lot. Many kinds of dietary, vitamin and protein supplements provide extra punch to the diet. A retinue of specialists observes the person who is interested in body building critically to suggest a series of food supplements, physical work outs and other necessary things to benefit body builder. The supplements often contain steroids and special nutrients to give better results. Steroids boost muscle and bone building. Special nutrients such as Zink and Magnesium with vitamin B6 are added to diet to enhance anabolic activity. The compound of the nutrients is called ZMA supplement. It is a compound of B6 with Aspartate salts of Zinc and Magnisiam Mono Mithonine. ZMA supplement fills vital minerals and vitamins that are lost in physical activity. There is much scientific data supporting this statement. Various studies conducted by different research groups confirmed the fact that use of these supplements improves the performance of athletes and players. Moreover one can use these supplements without the fear of any unwanted side effects. They are safe to use.

 When considering a reliable source of steroids, one can choose without any hesitation. RoidsPharm is a reputed internet company that specializes in selling cent percent legal steroids. Their products comply with the strict DSHEA standards. They assure full guarantee to the products they offer. They have a great variety of products to suit individual requirements. For building lean and powerful muscles they have Gen-Shi Winny. It ensures stamina and muscle mass. Their D-Bol assures muscle size increment and strength. Another product called Testosterone Suspension is a mixture of testosterone analogs with Stanoxyl Depot.

Facts About Human Growth Hormone

With the advancement of science and technology this hormone was successfully produced and given a clean bill for use by the FDA.

hgh genshi The part of the body responsible for producing this hormone is known as the pituitary gland found in the brain. Its absence in the body can cause a lot of health complications since a good number of the organs found in the body need it to function in the correct manner. Another proven importance of human growth hormone to the body is the fact that it slows down and reverses the aging process significantly.

 As a person gets older and gets over thirty, the amount of this hormone excreted by the body reduces hence the effects that come about as a result of aging take place. These would include wrinkles that form due to the skin losing elasticity, baldness in men, reduced energy or vitality for human growth hormone. The bones also tend to lose their density. With the production of a generic hormone a person can now be injected this to increase the quantity found in the body hence reducing the effects of aging. Sometimes doctors prescribe HGH to the patients suffering from degeneration of cells or other problems.

 It is also important to note that it plays a crucial role in the growth and development of a child as well as adult metabolism which can be explained as the process through which the body burns calories to allow it function in an acceptable way. As earlier mentioned growth hormone is one of the most important type of hormone in the body for the reason that it is the one responsible for cell generation. Due to the fact that it helps different organs perform, it is also referred to as the master hormone. In case of tissue damage it stimulates repair, cell generation, brain and enzyme functions. From 30 years of age this hormone begins to decrease in the body thereby causing a person to slowly begin to age.

 There are plenty of online stores where you can find authentic HGH. But, you should buy one after consulting your doctor, as he may suggest you the best product to suit your requirements and also health conditions. Besides health purposes, numerous athletes take these hormones for better performance and body development too.

Lift Lighter, Build More Muscles

Tired of waiting around in the gym for the right weights to be free? New research form the US means you can make gym queues like this a thing of the past, as it proves that you can build muscle just as fast using lighter weights. Traditional exercise wisdom says that the quickest way to build big muscles is to lift as heavy as possible. However, the new study shows you can get equally impressive results from going lighter but performing more repetitions. The only condition is that you must do all your sets to failure. So, next time your preferred dumbbells are taken, just switch down and up your reps. You'll be out of the gym that much quicker and still see the growth you're looking for.

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