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Effects of Steroids in Sports

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Steroids are best explained as organic substances that cause various effects in the body of a human being. Steroids can be used for various reasons, in healthcare it is used to minimize inflammations as well as various other disease causing symptoms. It has also proven to be quite useful to asthma patients as it can be inhaled thereby preventing asthma deaths.

There are various body building steroids side effects that are usually experienced by both men and women. They tend to give women masculine features. This has been seen from a number of female bodybuilders who use steroids. Some of the major physical changes that women undergo include the development of large veined muscles. Their skins also tend to become grainy and the development of wide jaws. These changes go beyond the outward appearance since their voices are also affected and actually become deep. Most women who take steroids tend to do so in order to get themselves in the same level as men in terms of training and physical capability. Steroids cause adverse effects on women due to the fact that they consist of male hormones.

As much as steroids are known to treat various ailments the use of steroids in sports has become a common practice among many athletes as well as body builders due to the fact that it boosts the performance levels of an individual. Although some of them are banned in the sports world more and more athletes are still testing positive to it.

Other than medicinal purposes, steroids are also known to be used by athletes to enhance their performances. There are also steroids for body building which help in increasing testosterone levels. This hormone is very important since it helps to regulate bone mass, fat distribution and increase strength levels amongst other things.

There are two types of steroids one of them being the natural anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids mostly influence metabolism, resistance to diseases and muscle. All anabolic steroids are known to boost masculine characteristics which include thick facial hair in cases where the dosage used is high. Individuals who misuse this drug tend to develop serious side effects of body building steroids such as liver tumors and cancer, jaundice retention of fluid, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, kidney cancer and acne. As a body builder it is therefore necessary to seek the advice of a doctor about steroid use.
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